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So on a normal day of school, I carry around my copy of The Hunger Games so I can read it a little if I have some down time. The other day, I was on the bus homeword and my book made this pair of girls talk about the series. Well, one girl said something along the lines of this, "I think I'm just gonna go on and read the second book. Because like, I've already seen the movie and the first two chapters of the first book are kinda boring and not like the movie at all."

Yeah, let that just sink in for a moment.
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That makes me want to rage all over the place. emotion_donotwant

I ALWAYS tell people to read the book even if they saw the movie.
The book just has so much more emotion to it.
And it shows the depths of the relationships.
The movie was good, but the book was SOOOOOOO much better.
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Well, I have a problem with movies based off book. I mean, I'll never watch the movie(if I had the choice) if I could read the book. If I can't find a way to get my hand on the book, I might watch the movie... except for Harry Potter and Twilight. I don't plan to watch or read either.
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So sad she would say that.
If I really like a movie and I didn't know about the book, I usually read the book to see what really happened.
Movies leave out so much AND change a lot, it's sad people are so lazy to say something like that.
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The book is way better than the movie. While the movie was good it left out a lot of stuff. Everyone should read the books.
iv seen the movie and read the book. i have to say that the movie left out alot of stuff. the book was better. and i seen the movie before i read the book so i figured i could read the secong book but i was sooooooooooooooooo confused!!!! lol 3nodding
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WHEN i read the book and it was awesome and i want to imagame what movies look like but it on movies so i watched the movies and it was was like... awesome
even though the movie is WAY different than the book it was OK but still the movie missed alot of parts
i never read books lol i wouldn't know but the movie was good to me in the end
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The book is way better than the movie. While the movie was good it left out a lot of stuff. Everyone should read the books.
I feel as though the movie did a good job of getting everything in that was relevant to the first book.
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The book is always better then the movie. The movie is going to leave alot out from the book and sometimes change things. The book has this raw emotion to it. The movie won't have alot of that.
That's why you should read the book before the movie. Otherwise you'll just find the book boring.
NO WAY,the book is 10x better than the movie talk2hand

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