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I really enjoyed the first two books but felt that the final installment really didn't live up to the same sort of standards.

The only part I really liked was the conversations with Snow near the end, it was thought-provoking about the rebellion vs the capitol.

Katniss voting in favour of the hunger games really made me lose faith in her as a character. In the second book she hated the capitol and seemed to despise the way things were run and then she voted in favour of them? She'd already accepted, in the form of her prep team, that capitol people weren't all inherently bad and just had different societal norms.

Far too long was spent with main characters with mental problems, I can understand how likely breakdowns would be in such a situation - but it detracts from the story.
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Yeah, I agree. The last book seemed to need some editing and fine-tuning that perhaps the author was not able to do. The books became so popular, I'm sure the editors wanted the final draft right away.

I almost thought this book could have been split into TWO. Somewhere between waiting to close the bunker to wait for Prim and the cat and training (where a total character change occurred), they needed to break off the first half. The details were not as sharp as in the other books. Also, some things were given details when other things...really could have used them instead.

It seemed to me that there were a lot more plot holes in the last book whereas the first two were very, very consistent.
I am almost done the last book and I agree it is a big disapointment sad
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I was beyond disappointing. You're favorite characters were killed and i hated the way it was done. Especially Prims, hers was so rushed and finnicks seemed like an afterthought. the details weren't crisp and overall i hated it
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It seemed to me that there were a lot more plot holes in the last book whereas the first two were very, very consistent.

One plot hole I noticed was with the bombs that double exploded? Katniss was all "Oh yeah, Gale said that..." When did Gale say that or make that? It just came out of the blue for me.

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