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Yes, of course!
Movies don't have time to go into detail unlike books (:
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It's a pretty easy question, really. Do you prefer to see your vision of what someone else's world is like or a director's?

I think the answer is obvious to most people, even though it's exactly that that makes reading seem more workish to some. But I think if you read a few books that you know you'll know, it'll get easier!
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insert name here later
My friend has in her possession the 3 books of the Hunger Games. I saw the first movie and im asking myself if i should spoil the movies for me by reading the books or should i wait for part 2 and 3 to come out?

honestly read all the books :]]
it's nice not knowing the plot and all,
but if you do read, it's not gonna be ruined. x)) not at all.
I would say read the book before the movie, for any movie. Personally I think that then you can understand things better and you can say "I read the book smile " But usually books are wayyyyy better than the movie because it allows you to use your own imagination and create the character based off of the words, but also you get soo much more detail. Unless you read The Chronicles Of Narnia. To me those books were quite boring, but of course that is my opinion. smile
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i would read the books first, but that's just me
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Read the books before seeing the movies, I found the movie complemented the book mainly since it helped us understand Katness on the screen

While i liked the book more it aided in the feel of how the movie flowed

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