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Prim, Rue would've eventually had to be killed
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Rue <3 she's so brave and the part where she died made me wanna cry >.<
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Prim. I think one of the biggest things that drew me to The Hunger Games was that Katniss was willing to sacrifice herself to protect her sister. When I saw the movie, at the part where Katniss volunteers as a tribute, I literally leaned over to my boyfriend and said "If they chose my sister, I would volunteer in her place too." Prim felt like she could have been my sister. I liked Rue, but maybe I didn't get attached to her because I knew she would die from the moment she was introduced compared to when Prim died in the third book... it was such a shock. I really thought she was going to live.
I would have to say Rue I mean Prims cute and all but so is Rue plus she has so much more going for her so I'm gunna say Rue :3
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This is too hard. I love them both differently. Rue is quick and witty and Prim is innocent and caring. I can't play favorites with these two because they have traits that I have.
Rue, cause she's so awesome and brave.
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I'd have to go with Prim. Since she's Katniss's sister and shes really smart and good with medicine. Plus, Katniss had to watch her die in Mockingjay.

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