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ok so if you were in the hunger games and you could have any weapon what would it be. mine would either be throwing knives or bow and arrow.
A Spear or Trident.
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A Spear or Trident.

yeah thats a good idea i like where your head is at
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a jet plane
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bow and arrows are the best because if you're afraid of creatures leaking in the woods, you can always take them out from a far distance! btw, nice topic!
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I would so wanna be like rue for jumping on tree's and Peeta for camouflage.
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I would prefer a lot of throwing knives. They are very versatile in many ways. They can be used for everything from filleting fish to cleaning and cauterizing a wound.
I'd like to take a spear of some sort but I lack aim and strength so I'm sure I'd just die in the initial bloodbath! gonk
clawed gauntlets and camouflage for up-close-and-personal fighting and sneak attacks.
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I would problly use a sword or bow and arrow. If I run out of arrows I could use my sword!
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a jet plane

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bow an arows or throing knifes there light weight and you have the advantage of didtance you could esialy stay hidden and strike your oppent with out there knowing
Probably a bow because its good for long distance and hunting. Or a sword or dagger for fighting and skinning animals
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The girl that won had a bow and arrow. Movie would have been 45 minutes shorter had she been a little more blood thirsty.

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