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Who would u date

Katniss 0.13068181818182 13.1% [ 23 ]
Peeta 0.4375 43.8% [ 77 ]
Gale 0.16477272727273 16.5% [ 29 ]
Effie 0.017045454545455 1.7% [ 3 ]
Haymitch 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 12 ]
Other 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 32 ]
Total Votes:[ 176 ]
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peeta is mine
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I prefer Gale.. Even though Peeta has some really good qualities, i just like gale better
I prefer Gale.. Even though Peeta has some really good qualities, i just like gale better

o.o lol I love Peeta. C:
One of those mutant dog things. They turn me on. emotion_dowant
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FINNICK ODAIR!!!!! I also kinda liked Cinna...Until he basically got his head smashed. Cinna seemed sooo nice! But Yeah Finnick. Cinna is my second choice. But since Annie needs him I would probably just date Cinna or Gale (I guess)
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gale hes hawt
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peeta all the way bro! Hes Peeta, cute and HES PEETA MALLAAAARRRRKKKK! I <3 JOSH HUTCHERSON <333333333333
For the looks, definitely Peeta, but personality I would say Gale, he's so selfless and sweet! 3nodding
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Angelic Miko

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I would say Finnick but then Annie needs him and then his whole ending in Mockingjay sorta cancels him out so I have to go with pre 74th hunger games Gale.

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Peeta sure is popular... 4laugh
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Madge. Even though she's the mayors daughter, and they're from completely different sides of the caste system in D12, Madge still considers Katniss her friend. So we know she doesn't care about money or power. In the book she gave Katniss the Mockingjay Pin, even though it was really important to her considering all the history tied in with her family...

Her character is tragic in a quiet way.
Peeta sure is popular... 4laugh
If there was a female version of Peeta I'd be all over that. Who doesn't love coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread?
peeta all the way cool

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