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Who would u date

Katniss 0.13068181818182 13.1% [ 23 ]
Peeta 0.4375 43.8% [ 77 ]
Gale 0.16477272727273 16.5% [ 29 ]
Effie 0.017045454545455 1.7% [ 3 ]
Haymitch 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 12 ]
Other 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 32 ]
Total Votes:[ 176 ]
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Finnick. All the way baby heart
Hope Amity
Finnick. All the way baby heart

Lol he's my second choice. ^^ Peeta owns my heart though so.... :3
We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.

Finnick all the way!
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Dapper Lover

Finnick first choice Peeta second :3
Polkadot Pocky
Finnick first choice Peeta second :3

lol im the other way around :3
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Katniss Everdeenx
Haymitch ^_^ heart

lol y cuz he drinks? haha my brothers friends were going back in forth in rl going team peeta! no team gale! and someone said no team haymitch because he drinks. lol i like Peeta. ^v^

Not just because of that, but it helps wink

But Haymitch is actually very smart, probable the smartest person in the books. He also clearly cares a lot, he drinks because he cant deal with having lost so many tributes. I like broken characters, it shows that they care about more then just themselves.

Plus Woody is just damn sexy 3nodding

He doesn't drink because of the tributes. He drinks because (Spoiler) >> President Snow killed his family. <<
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I've only read the first book, I'm about to read the second. So from what I know about the characters (not the story) I would pick either Gale, because he is a hard worker and I'm sure strong. He is also a provider, he's REALLY cute and I could picture myself escaping District 12 to go hunt for food. or Peeta, because I know that he is devoted and caring. Although it kinda bothers me how many times he seemed pretty willing to just give up and die. I do like a fighter. But he is sweet and he does everything that he can. I know that it's not always what your capable of doing, but what your capable of trying that means the most.

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Katniss Everdeenx
Marissa Night
Katniss Everdeenx
Marissa Night
Katniss Everdeenx
Marissa Night

          Haha, I'd only date Josh is he stayed in his blondie mode cause that was hot. When he wasn't blonde he wasn't as hot. But his hair needs to be that curly style, not the comb over. That made me want to hurl X.X

lol the move kinda messed up alot like peeta needs blue eyes curly hair andnot an akward jawline and clove die getting her head smashed with a ROCK

          But than again, if he hadn't have gotten Peeta, who would have been????
          Haha, I know that. I mean when they were camped out under the tracker jacker tree, Clove was laying on Cato's arm [at least I think it was them!] and it looked uber cute haha.

yup lol. i heard taylor lautner tried out for peeta DX

          /dies laughing
          Ohmygod, that would have been SO AWKWARD!!!
          He sooo wouldn't fit the part!

lol ikr he kinda looks like a monkey

          He has a slightly hot body, but the face could be covered up by a bag.
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Ohhh katniss, have my adoptive children. heart
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I would date Peeta i mean he is so nice, hot and OMG I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!
This is absolutely amazing lol i love it
This is absolutely amazing lol i love it

lolz thankies! heart
Finnick! He's so charming and cute. whee
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Peeta,and then Finnick.
I also would go for Haymitch to.

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