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well done!!!!!
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Gale dies instead of Finnick.
After he practically kills Prim, something terrible happens to him(not sure what yet).Katniss goes off in the world on her own,travels to another continent,and secretly lives in a forest.
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You know, I think I forgot about the ending because I managed to successfully purge it from my mind.

Haha I'm still trying XD
id choose me instead of peeta
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Honestly, if I could change the trilogy, I'd have the author polish the last book. Maybe even make it into TWO books. It was too rushed. It lacked the caliber the first two books had.
I would make Coin fall into a mutt pit.

I would keep Finnick alive. Annie and Finnick became Katniss' kid's godparents. Johanna became Katniss' best friend. Haymitch would be president. razz

And Cinna's ghost would be Peeta's angel.
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Right. I knew something happened to Katniss like that. I just wasn't entirely sure.

But she had kids? I think I remember that she mentioned in the story that she wouldn't ever want to have kids.

I believe a lot of that was to do with her fear that one of her kids could end up in the arena. Of course, that fear was almost certainly shared by other females in Panem, but it wasn't really discussed openly.

As for the epilogue, I feel it's more bittersweet than anything. Yes, we do get all that stuff about Katniss, Peeta and their kids (kind of like the epilogue to the "Harry Potter" series) but the last couple of paragraphs suggest that Katniss has never really recovered from her experiences.
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Um spoilers I guess?

If I wrote it; Madge would still be alive so Gale can get himself a girl. Because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

Annie would have gotten with Peeta.

And Katniss would have said THANK YOU to Greasy Sae for taking care of her smelly a**. :/ And probably ended up with Haymitch, if not, turned lesbo for Johanna.

Alternatively; Finnick would still be alive for Annie.

Cinna wouldn't have died, Boggs neither. And they both would have went to 12 to watch over Katniss as her fathers.

I read the books and something bugged me for days and I just figured out what it was...Spoiler (like anyone here HASNT read the books by now....)

It didnt set well with me that during the entire last book Katniss was useless and got everyone killed for nothing. I would change that little thing.

Before you start reaping me let me clarify. She went though the city, getting people killed and maimed after she took command. At the end the "rebels" got there just as she did and she passes out right after she watches her sister blow up. Whats the point of having her go through all that if it was for nothing. She could have went back to camp, went with the rest of the team and had her crew live. All that trouble and death and there was ZERO gain for anyone. And Finnick.... scream I REALLLLLLY liked his character! My jaw dropped when I read that.
PRIM LIVES. That is all.
While I do like the first person perspective... I would have also liked different takes from the other characters, mainly Peeta durring the hijacking and things
I would have kept Finnick alive and made Coin's murder a little less predictable.
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I would delete that retarded epilogue at the end. emotion_donotwant
The whole thing was totally OoC and forced. It seemed like the author was like, "I have to give Katniss a happy ending, but I put her character through too much emotional and physical torture for her to ever be normal. Oh well let's make her try to be normal anyway emotion_awesome "

Maybe if the epilogue was able to explain things better I could accept it. So I would rewrite that bit.

You know, I think I forgot about the ending because I managed to successfully purge it from my mind.

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