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Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games 0.49019607843137 49.0% [ 25 ]
Harry Potter 0.27450980392157 27.5% [ 14 ]
Can't decide 0.13725490196078 13.7% [ 7 ]
I don't care 0.098039215686275 9.8% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 51 ]
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H u n g e r g a m e s a l l t h e w a y.
It's not that hard to choose....... HUNGER GAMES ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! smile

Ikr! I think that there is no question about it! Of corse its Hunger Games is gonna win. (Even though i never read Harry potter or seen the movies) So there is no reason to ask this, Hunger Games would win!
Why is everyone saying "Hunger Games.....ALL THE WAY!" ??? Im on ur side, but WTF!? Why u mocking each other? yum_hotdog
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potter sucked, hunger games was much better, no stupid wands, if you wanna do magic, do it like a boss do it like Doctor Strange
Long live, Harry Potter!
heart biggrin ummmm both smile
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They're so different plot-wise that this isn't even a fair comparison. Why do these threads happen?

Harry Potter has been one of my favorite things since it came out, so... I have to go with that. I like The Hunger Games, but I can never see it making an impact on my life like Harry Potter has.
This is a hard one. But i prefer Hunger Games cause I haven't even know much about Harry Potter.
Harry Potter. I will never change my mind.
harry potter :3
It's not that hard to choose....... HUNGER GAMES ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

I agree 100% percent~!! biggrin But you know, Harry Potter comes close.. It has a great story but, I still vote for Hunger Games~!! heart 4laugh

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