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They're selling Katniss' bow?! WHAT?! I need to stop being poor, asap.
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Altessa Belmont
They're selling Katniss' bow?! WHAT?! I need to stop being poor, asap.

Lol don't we all... Plus that bow is my dream longbow, no kidding & I cant find a bow like it anywhere
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What's overboard is the Twilight themed underwear. When HG underwear comes out, you best believe there'd be some people parading the stuff around like it's the best damn thing since toilet paper.
I believe that the Hunger Games might actually be a success since the previews ive seen for it are suprisingly accurate. I can't wait to see the "girl on fire" outift! emotion_yatta and I had no idea there was so much stuff out for it. >.<
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Exoth XIII
Oh man, they made Rue black, huh? Figures.

... She was black in the books. .___. It's kinda odd how they have freakin Lenny Kravits as Cinna, though. xD He looked Asian in my imagination for some reason.

No, I see this as regular old marketing. *has a tee shirt* I really want a copy of Katniss's pin! But... I really hope they don't go overboard on it, or I may feel ashamed for it is Twilight-esque marketing. >.>
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I'm probably going to buy a few things, I'll admit. <3

I want Katniss's pin, but I might get the necklace of it instead so I'll actually wear it. /so indecisive

And I definitely want a District 12 tanktop I saw.

And my friend says she is buying me a Peeta pillowcase. 3nodding
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User Image crying I hate being broke! Amazon has this awesome T-shirt, but it's way out of my price range. *Sigh* Oh well, at least I have my Mockingjay pendant.
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They have $7.00 Mockingjay Pins at Wal*Mart in the Books Section! emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Reading them has been cool so far.. But I dunno how I feel about the sudden blast of swag since a movie's coming out.

But the story is great, it reminds me of Battle Royal except the girls seem to always win. Chick power! XD
I am sorry, but I think that it is going to turn into a thing/phase like Twilight was. It is just to dang much.
o.o; How amazing is this movie? I keep hearing about it everywhere.
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I think it's because Harry Potter is over and Twilight is almost done so they're working really hard to corner the market on teens and young adults who also happen to waste what little money they have on silly merchandise. I saw someone talking about a Hunger Games nail polish. NAIL POLISH!?
Im obsessed with the Hunger Games, but yes they definitely went overboard on the merchandise. Some of it was cool, like the mockingjay pin, but then there was some stuff that was just really stupid.

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