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I love lee, and I still say no. That'd be fail >.> I haven't seen my Finnick yet >.<
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Hi Im Kristen
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The fact that he is on Glee...makes me not want him to play Finnick.
And he just doesn't look like a Finnick to me!
I'd prefer someone like Benjamin Stone or Alex Pettyfer (though I don't like him much either).

It doesn't really matter if he's on Glee or not, more acting experience the better.
Why? He has that flirty mysterious look to him a lot like Finnick.

I was just sharing my own opinion...
He's just now how I pictured Finnick that's all.

I just reallllly hope they don't cast Robert Pattinson or Zac Effron. -_-

OMG I so agree with you, if they did I would be devestated...
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This is not how I pictured Finnick to look at all. I always imagined him as a real pretty boy but definitely (naturally) blonde
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Hm...I guess I can sort of picture it?
There's something off about him though that doesn't really scream Finnick to me.
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I dont see either of them as Finnick, but that has me thinking of who I could see as him. I'll have to think on this and revisit the topic.

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Alex Pettyfer. Althought Garrett Hedlund would be okay. But um... I prefer Alex Pettyfer ^^
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I was reading the most popular comments on that video... and they want this chick to play Johanna Mason: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naya_Rivera

He doesn't seem like a Finnick to me.
I don't know who should play him. As long as he is a good actor and beautiful I am fine.
Grant Gustin and Garrett Hedlund I think are good choices.
There were some actors I was thinking about, but now I can't think of their names. T.T I hate that. Haha.
I might say Trent Ford from How to Deal, but ehhhh. I don't know if he'd be good enough for Finnick.
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Uh.. Tom Felton..? :/
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That isn't quite how I imagined him but how I imagine him never seems relevant. I always saw him buffer, tanner, darker hair. Eyes a bit bigger. xD
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I don't know. I've always imagined Finnick to be Latino.

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