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hp, thg, or twilight?

harry potter 0.45430809399478 45.4% [ 522 ]
the hunger games 0.4917319408181 49.2% [ 565 ]
twilight 0.053959965187119 5.4% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 1149 ]
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You can't compare three different book series that are all totally different except the genre being fantasy. . _ .
Okay first of all, (sorry to you Twilight fans)
TWILIGHT should not even be CONSIDERED to be with Harry Potter OR The Hunger Games!
I'm sorry, but that's my personal opinion. Yes, Twilight did go worldwide as did Harry Potter (not sure about The Hunger Games) but it wasn't significant... Harry Potter deserves to be known as a big title for its creativity, the layout, the plot of it all and you know what, as cheesy as this sounds, its intense. Its epic xd
It has A LOT of fans as well as many enemies (aka the Catholic/Christian church ;A; - *Catholic myself ): my school doesn't let me read it crying ) and you know, other people...
I personally find that Twilight has more haters than the actual fans because come on, if you think about it, the series was about a human girl choosing between a werewolf or a vampire. Its really typical and to me, its boring.
I love 'The Hunger Games' because even though it may not be as popular as Twilight was, it has more depth to it. It has a plot. Its youth vs. youth and shows the means of survival.
I don't know, I just really think that Twilight ... wasn't as great as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. It didn't have enough intensity... neutral
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Twilight and Hunger Games.
I am going to pass on Harry Potter, have been ever since the books and movies.
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Definately Harry Potter. Twilight was good, and I'm only on chapter 4 of the Hunger Games right now. I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan. c:
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Harry Potter> The Hunger Games > Fanfiction > Dog poop > Twilight.

Can we stop comapreing these things? All your're going to get is contrast. I wish there was a sticky about this or something. :/

... You could compare The Maze Runner, 1984, and Battle Royale to The Hunger Games because they're all similar. :v But Twilight and Harry Potter? No. The only similarities between them are the large fanbases, and even the fanbases are different.
Harry Potter. ♥

I don't get why people keep comparing these books though. :l
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Twilight can kiss a donkey's a**
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Well the books and movies were GREAT for Harry Potter. I loved the 1st Hunger Games, 2nd not as much, and the 3rd I've been reading for a while...And Twilight...All the movies pretty much totally sucked except the newest, and I got about halfway into the book and gave up.
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Hunger Games because its the only one ive read and instrested in
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It's not really a contest, HP is always the answer lol
Random comparison, however for me,
Harry Potter will always be my favorite.
The Hunger Games was good, but I hated Mockingjay.
Twilight, hell no.
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Hunger Games <3
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I love twilight, but harry potter is better hands down.
Harry Potter, more substance.
The hunger games of course. But I see why most would prefer Harry potter wink a lot of my rl friends absolutely LOVE it smile ^.^

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