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hp, thg, or twilight?

harry potter 0.45430809399478 45.4% [ 522 ]
the hunger games 0.4917319408181 49.2% [ 565 ]
twilight 0.053959965187119 5.4% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 1149 ]
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Please don't start comparing Hunger Games to Harry Potter. I think when people started comparing Twilight to Harry Potter, that's when the contraversies started showing up. I really don't want Hunger Games to be something like the second Twilight.
I do think that HG is harder to pick apart than Twilight, but dividing the fan base will cause "wars" over which series is better. -_-

I agree, before, no one had a problem with Twilight, and the Twilight movies only made it worse. You really can't compare the books though, their all completly diffrent genres. Twilight is romantic, 'dark-ish' and Harry Potter is more adventure. I don;t know about the Hunger games though, because i've never read them. It's just not a fair comparison.
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I love all three series.
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I have yet to read The Hunger Games, but out of Twilight or Harry Potter?
Harry Potter, no doubt about it.
i accually love harrry potter but i am really looking forward the hunger games i love the hunger games biik but catching fire wasnt really great and Mockingjay was really sad so im not exactly sure wich one will be better
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For Romance: Twilight.
For Bloody Action: Hunger Games.
For All of the Above: Harry Potter.

I hope that answers the question. If not, oh well. XD

As much as I loved The Hunger Games, Harry Potter tops them ALL.
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Please, don't make me pick. gonk

BECAUSE this is a Hunger Games forum, I'm going to go with Hunger Games. I have personally read all three series, and honestly, what is there to compare about? Each has their own unique plot, their characters, and much more. Why are we comparing them, for what? Jeesh. They're all good and all original in their own ways. The end.

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the Harry Potter books got better and better, besides Order of the Phoenix. The movies were pretty good also.
the Hunger Games book was really good, the second one ehh, the third one was a huge disappointment.
and for Twilight, no comment.

Harry Potter is the best of the three. I disagree with you about Mockingjay, I enjoyed it, but The Hunger Games was the best of the trilogy. What's Twilight?
Why? They are ALL DIFFERENT! So why are we asking this?

Harry Potter is about growing up, facing your enemies, magic, good and evil.

The Hunger Games is about survival and revolution.

Twilight is about romance. <-- Look, I'm not even hating on it

Hell no to Twilight.
Never read Harry Potter, most likely never will.
So Hunger Games.
But it wasn't anywhere near my favorite book.
Well, they are all three very different books.
Harry Potter, will ALWAYS be the best ever.
The Hunger Games are pretty fantastic..
.....Twilight.. all the books and movies that are out there around the world, just need to be gathered and turned into a huge bonfire..
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You're posting this in a Hunger Games forum... are you serious.

"Happy Hunger Games a nd may the odds be ever in your favor!”
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i love the Hunger Games! I never really liked Twilight or Harry Potter.

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