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hp, thg, or twilight?

harry potter 0.45430809399478 45.4% [ 522 ]
the hunger games 0.4917319408181 49.2% [ 565 ]
twilight 0.053959965187119 5.4% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 1149 ]
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can i join!!!
Harry Potter By Far.
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some i like all movies dramallama
i think hunger games to be honest i thought i would say harry potter but nope hunger games
The Hunger games are AWESOME!!! rofl
Tell me....... How does wizards, vampires and werewolfs, and death games are related to each other?
Harry Potter and The Hunger Games rock!!! rofl xd mrgreen
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HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!! because its a classic! if jk rowling had never written it then no one would have because its one of those books that takes a lot of talent to create!!! Harry potter is a master piece and thought the hunger games is good it will never surpass harry potter! I am The Harry Potter Generation!!!!! cat_biggrin mrgreen emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

HARRY POTTER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No comment for Harry Potter

Hunger games, the first book was cool, second alright..... third wavers on the edge of disappointment.

Twilight!!!!!! By far super cool, can't wait for the last movie.
Harry potter sucks(i think) lol
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The hunger games book is the best so far.Twilight is just stupid with the team jacob and edward.Its just crap
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Hunger Games till now the Hunger Games entertain me loads this is actually my first time reading a book this far Harry Potter I probably spelt it wrong well I've tried to read it but I never did understand what it was about so I made my own theory: a nerd that has step parents ( i don't know) that are really rude to him and rude step siblings so he's pretty much in a pretty bad condition and I don't remember what happens next but then boom he's a Magician I think or some owl guy I really don't know I only watched one of the movies and I thought back then that it was pretty good I was a kid.

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