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hp, thg, or twilight?

harry potter 0.45430809399478 45.4% [ 522 ]
the hunger games 0.4917319408181 49.2% [ 565 ]
twilight 0.053959965187119 5.4% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 1149 ]
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The Hunger Games for me. Twilight is something I have grown out of and now see it is not the literary genius I once believed it to be. Harry Potter is something else I have grown out of. It started intetesting then tailed off as it put to much effort and emphasis on getting darker. Instead it lost me. I only finished reading the series because I felt I had to. Such a disappointment.

Really though I don't think they can be compared its all down to an individuals personal tastes and interests and I have already stated mine.

Please don't start comparing Hunger Games to Harry Potter. I think when people started comparing Twilight to Harry Potter, that's when the contraversies started showing up. I really don't want Hunger Games to be something like the second Twilight.
I do think that HG is harder to pick apart than Twilight, but dividing the fan base will cause "wars" over which series is better. -_-
Well for a easy read...twilight ot HUnger Games
I admire Harry Potter since it is my childhood
but i would have to say Hunger Games,I read all the books in 3 days each
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Are you serious? emotion_eyebrow
If you don't know my answer already...w o w.
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I've read a bit of Hunger Games, but blaaaaah, I couldn't go on. The writing was horrid to me, but it's wayyy better than Twilight.
And it's not even the controversy between HP fans and Twihards. The books are actually badly written (in my eyes) and the story...oh gosh. burning_eyes Sparkly stalker vampire and a Mary-Sue? No thanks. sweatdrop
I heart Twilight I heart Edward he's so hot 4laugh
I love the hunger games so much harry potter was just boring for me but thats just me. twilight is just dumb
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harry potter.
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Harry Potter, duh.
Loving The Hunger Games right now, but Harry Potter has been with me since I was a child.
harry potter, but the hunger games comes in a close second ^.^
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harry potter all the way but ive always wanted to read the hunger games(sorry i miss spelled that) but i like harry potter better then twilight.
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I like all of them. But Twilight is my personal fave.
These books are not really that comparable... the only similiar thing is fiction, book turned into movie, and big fans. But I do like hunger games the best because its unique and original ^^
Twilight, The Harry Potter movies were awsome, but the books were soo boring,

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