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hp, thg, or twilight?

harry potter 0.45430809399478 45.4% [ 522 ]
the hunger games 0.4917319408181 49.2% [ 565 ]
twilight 0.053959965187119 5.4% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 1149 ]
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the Harry Potter books got better and better, besides Order of the Phoenix. The movies were pretty good also.
the Hunger Games book was really good, the second one ehh, the third one was a huge disappointment.
and for Twilight, no comment.

This says it all

accept the part about Order of Phoenix.
I like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight! I can't wait to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!! biggrin
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I cried like a baby when Harry Potter finally came to an end...
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I like the hunger games better than harry potter because the hunger games is more adult like than harry potter which seems really childish. i also dislike twilight because how obsessed people can be about a movie that isn't even that good.
It's hard to choose. i haven't read The Hunger Games, but I'm sure it's good. I love Harry Potter and
Twilight, so really hard to choose.
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Well, I don't like either Harry Potter or Twilight. So, gotta go with Hunger Games... Read the book... don't plan to see the movie
I am a BIG fan of all of these but The Hunger games heart should stick to there books and the others are great movies the hunger games movie wasnt very hot sad
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I like all these books, all of them are a different story but honestly I don't think anything can compare to harry potter.
It was 7 books, unlike Hunger game (3 books) and Twilight (4) , and I was about 11/12 when HP came out and grew up with it. I remember waiting every year or years when the book would come out! I think those books just brought people more together then the other two book series did.

I believe I heard JK Rowling is writing a new book for the age group (which I would be included in ) that grew up with harry potter and I think that's really great and i'm interested to see how it'll turn out if its true and think thats really great an author would even think about doing something like that . So I'm going to stick with the book series I grew up with, loved and waited for till the very end!: )
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harry potter or the hunger games? tough choice but i gotta go with harry potter...im sorry katniss!!!
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i think harrypotter is better
i love all three of these series, but Harry Potter has been my favorite book since I was six

I think the Hunger Games has something important to teach and everyone should read it

Without Twilight I never would have read so many of the books I love today, like Night World, Morganville, and others

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