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PEETA heart
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this is not twilight o-o
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peeta he so cute and gail never had a big part in the books

You spelled Gale wrong rolleyes
Gale all the way!!! Untill the third book..... TEAM FINNIK!!!!!

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peeta he so cute and gail never had a big part in the books

You spelled Gale wrong rolleyes

sorry spelled t the female way sorry its confusing my grandma's name is gail
Gale or Peeta....Hrm... Well Gale leaves katniss and he's a real smart- alic to her, Peeta on the other hand, goes insane and tries to kill her... Definitely Peeta ;D
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this is not twilight o-o

Yeah, but shipping is everywhere anyway. Twilight made ship wars popular, but people were squabbling over Angel vs Spike or Spock vs McCoy long before it was abusive and controlling vampire vs abusive and violent werewolf.

I fall on the side of Peeta, by the way. Peeta can understand and support Katniss through the aftermath of the hell she went through far better than Gale could, I think. Gale was too caught up in the revolution and vengeance and less able to deal with fact that the Katniss that came back fromt the Games wasn't "his" Katniss anymore. I think Katniss needed someone who could understand her broken-ness instead of adding all of his own anger and desire for revolution to it.
Peeta Mellark heart hands down. i was Team Peeta since the begining
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I think Gale would be bettter with Katniss,but Peeta's GORGEOUS in real life heart
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Finnick. That is one sexy man. 3nodding heart
Deff peeta he is ahhhmazing!!! heart

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