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I really don't like peeta
gale forever <3
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Gale... enough said
omg yes
the third book made me so angry
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peeta. in the first book i preferred gale, but as i read on it changed.
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I was a Peeta fan from the very beginning. My sister was all for Gale. It was fun as we argued through all three books until I totally won! heart
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peeta he so cute and gail never had a big part in the books
Peeta. Gale was alright in the first book but he turned into a giant douchebag by the third book. :/
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Gale! heart
but peeta is sahhhh boring
and gale is all bad-a** wink
Gale or Peeta?! I can't decide! They are both really cute.
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I think I'm bias because Peeta is more my type, but when it comes to Katniss... I think the author manipulates my emotions towards them really well. I like them both at different times when she wants me to like one better lol
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GALE! Peeta is too girly
Personality wise I liked Peeta the best. I thought that he was very devoted and sexy. But then again, it was his personality type, not really him. He was just a well written character.

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