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Bunni Geisha
I think for a movie it was amazing. But for people who have read the book it was a little disappointing. Things such as Madge not being the reason for the Mocking Jay badge the fact that she wasn't included at all. They missed out the sleep syrup that Katniss used on Peeta, and the fact that peeta freaked out because katniss passed out in her own pool of blood. They didnt show the fact that the mutant dogs were supposed to resemble dead tributes and that Peeta nearly died in the last few moments of the Games.

All in all though i think the movie was great, it just missed out alot of things that I thought was important in the book. I do think though that the tracker jacker hallucinations were done really well.

I think a lot of the changes were done so they could make it PG-13 instead of R. I mean, think about it. They do all that gore and whatnot in a movie, it's gonna be rated-R. Also, the movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes long— they had to cut SOME things out.

ALTHOUGH it was no excuse for the mutts not resembling the fallen tributes. That should have been done. And they could have widdle Madge in somewhere, too, and just throw out the other way Katniss got the pin.

i agree with what you said -- they had to cut certain parts.
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I was really hoping to see the Avox and the scene at the end where Katniss tells Peeta that
she never really loved him/ she was only following Haymitch's
orders for survival. But overall, it was a really, really good movie. 3nodding

I totally agree! I wanted to see the drama between Peeta & Katniss unfold. I feel that people who only saw the movie would have thought that Katniss fell completely in love with Peeta, but, oh well. Still a GREAT movie! Just saw it for the second time last night! 4laugh

Haha. Agreed. 3nodding
i prefer the book more. but the movie was good
I cant remember but did they have the goat or cat in the movie?
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I thought the movie was fantastic.

Lots of the things were taken out to keep the movie watchable, and well, not rated R.

Yes some of things missing or changed were weird, but I don't feel it was anything major.

Example of horrid book to movie: Eragon. 'nuff said. (they changed tons of small things as well as took out major characters as well as changed major storyline parts and character personalities were changes)
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I cant remember but did they have the goat or cat in the movie?
I dont remember seeing the goat but he was mentioned. The cat was in the movie.
thank you for the info on duh cat and duh goat. biggrin
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It was good for what could have been done without making it a two parter.
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i guess the rpoblem is that a movie cant ever really be as good as the book [assuming the books good]. Look at it like this, its no fault of the movie. LOTR movies were amasing, still some of my favourites and in my opinion some of the best cinima in decades. Still not as good as the books in some bits. its the same here-the movie is fine its just not as good. but i commend them on trying.
im almost done the third book. its pretty good so far. probaly gonna be dissapointed when it ends though. it usally sucks when you get so attached to characters either hating them or liking them and then all of a sudden its all over.
finished the book yesterday. it had an interesting endind some of which i excpected others not so much. too bad it has to end crying
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I read the book before the movie, and i thought it was pretty good. I mean usually movies based on books aren't that great... but this was actually okay. It's just that--none of my friends noticed it--the camera was just moving around a lot. I mean I was actually getting sea sick from watching the movie. frequent changes/ camera moving around a lot from the beginning of the movie... I seriously just did not know what was 'actually' happening. Most of the time I just saw blurs and voices.... -..- Did anyone felt that way?
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i was a little dissipointed in the movie.. i feel like it lacked a lot of emotion.. like with the part with Rue. she was not in there long enough for you to get attached to her.
it would have been better if katniss was narrating in her head while she was walking through the woods.
I think the movie was okay but there were some mistakes. I can't believe they left Madge out of the movie even though she wasn't that important.

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