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Tired of watching twilight -stabs self in eyes-
<3 hunger games
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I feel that twilight needs to be over. People have run that fandom into the ground and it wasn't even good to begin with. They need to let another series have the lime light. NO TEAMS!! It doesn't really work in the 3rd books (no spoilers!!) so stop with the teams please!! XD
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Alas, it seems every novel-based movie & every popular book is now compared to Twilight.

Why. crying
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Thank you! I don't see why people have to compare Twilight to everything!
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I agree. I can't wait for Twilight to just die already so we can all forget about it. It won't be remembered years down the road.

All this team stuff is scaring potential Hunger Games readers away. This thing is like the new 1984, everybody needs to read it because it's relevant to us and our society. Like all dystopians, it shows us where we will go if we don't take care of ourselves, and I believe we could head down the road and become Panem. (...I still think everybody needs to read 1984).

It's making the rest of the fans who don't do the whole team thing look stupid. Come on guys, grow up and stop comparing it to Twilight. It is better than Twilight, and we all know that. ninja

And then there's the random team selection, which I don't understand. ._____. Just stop it. It's not your choice to choose who Katniss ends up with. Don't you want her to be happy with who she ended up with? I know she's fictional, but can't you respect what the author did and leave it at that? It's not even that important, gosh.

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