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Are you satisfied with the ending of Mockingjay?

Yes 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 4 ]
No 0.66666666666667 66.7% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 12 ]
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Hated the ending. Why did Prim HAVE to die! And kind of Gale's fault! I loved him so much before this! cry
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Prim died?!? O.O
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Who on GGE actually liked this ending??? FFS! They kill off Finnick and Prim. And Snow doesnt die a gruesome death. Peeta and Katniss are both fire mutt-alated and stark raving mad! Gale just poofs to 2. Johanna totally gets into the book and has awesome parts and then poof! oh she cant handle water so she cant go kick the crap outta the Capitol! They totally took her revenge from her!!! FUUUUUU~!
              I honestly don't have any feelings for the ending of the book. I agree that the author could have done a lot more things with some of the characters but in a way - the ending fit. it wasn't a happy go lucky ending but then again if it had been, it would have felt off.

              the best thing about the ending is just comparing it to the first book. you can clearly see the transformation in all of the characters.

              i think the books were a great read and stand proudly by themselves. i really enjoyed myself.
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I liked and disliked the ending.

I liked that she chose Peta over Gale


I disliked that she killed off Prim crying totally unnecessary
No. It went by to fast sad
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I didn't even care that Prim died. For being so important to Katniss, she wasn't mentioned much. I feel like Suzanne just got tired of her characters, so she finished the book as easily as possible. One minute, Katniss is in solitary confinement and totally nuts, and then suddenly she's back to normal and has kids with Peeta. Wtf happened to Gale? What became of all the Districts, where is Katniss's mother? She didn't even name her kids!
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It took a long time for me to finish Mockingjay. I felt Katniss lost all of her character and became a window for the reader. That was boring for me. I loved Katniss's character in the first two books, but I have no idea where that person went in the last installment. She just faded out and became an avatar for the reader.
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I actually thought the ending was pretty good! I was pretty depressed when I'd finished the series though, since I didn't want it to end crying But it had the end somewhere, and I loved the plot twist with Gale practically killing Prim~. And then he just ditched Katniss and went to district 2? Haha, what a loveable chacter... question

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