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I don't see how it's sexist at all. Every tale doesn't always have to include women, nor do they always have to include men. You watch the story for the story, not for what's between each and every character's legs.

Not to mention, the movie did a fairly good job of making Galadriel seem important. They may not have said "OH MAN THIS WOMAN CAN OWN UR HOBBIT a**", but they made it quite clear in the first scene she was introduced and then the ones afterwards that she was indeed a person of import. I don't see why anyone should feel the need to alter the story of a movie that's based on a book simply "because there's not enough womenz/menz."

I apologize if this post seems antagonistic in anyway. It's not meant to be that way. This is just a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Sexism does indeed exist in this world, but it takes on less importance when people try and find it in everything, even when it may or may not be there (though, the existence of this thread does prove to an extent that such things are in the eyes of the beholder, I should admit.)
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Lots of books lack male characters. I think it just depends on the auther.

Plus there were several very powerful women, while I can only think of Galadriel in the Hobbit, Lotr had her as well as eowyn and arwen. There also was the lady companion of tom bomdadil but I cant remember her name. (They have yet to make it into a movie). Coming up we have Turiel who might be Legolas' lost love that was mentioned sometime in lotr or somewhere.

Also side funny thing: Pretty sure I saw a dwarf lady in on the pre smaug dwarf city scenes. XD

Edit: amg pardon the horridness of spelling and all other errors in this post,made on my phone so thats my excuse!
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Okay. Just interjecting here.
One: If you're talking about Galadriel, She's SUPPOSED to be that way because she's kind of an elf and all-knowing?
Two: IF YOU ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE SCENES WITH THE DWARVES IN THEIR CITY THERE ARE WOMEN EVERYWHERE. For those of us who have seen the art book, the women actually have little lady beards, too. They're harder to distinguish because of all the people and the movement. I don't know If you can find the pictures online, but they're there, and you need to pay closer attention.

And with that, I'm out.
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Wait a moment? There was a female character in a movie? Didn't notice that.
Don't anyone spoil it for her! Let her watch the movie again, looking for the one woman. See if she can find her.
isnt she easy to be found? Lmfao
If people would actually care to read anything else written by Tolkien they would see that he includes a lot of female characters, many of which are actually very strong characters.

Eowyn is definitely up there. And Galadriel has an incredible backstory which you can find in Unfinished Tales, as well as the stories of other female characters.

As for the lack of female characters in the Hobbit? The story simply doesn't need them. It was meant to be a bed time story, read to children by the light of a candle. A tale of dwarves and dragons and a quest to return home that was stolen all with the help of a Hobbit and a Wizard.

I understand including Galadriel in the Hobbit as Peter Jackson is trying to tie the LOTR triology to the Hobbit triology and it makes sense. It is giving more of a backstory to the world of Middle Earth.

But what does Tauriel actually bring to the story? Not a whole lot. Yeah she's a pretty face and she kicks a**, but other than that she doesn't add anything to the story and anyone who's read Lord of the Rings (including the appendices) will know that Legolas doesn't require a love interest. Neither do any of the dwarves. She was added to appeal to the masses and to pacify those who complain about the movie not having enough female characters.

The Hobbit is a great story. And that's just it. It doesn't need to be more than that.
Our generation is so entitled to being offended at every little thing and needs to relax. Take a deep breath, smell the flowers, take things for what they are and not try to make them into something else.

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tab tab Obv. this was Jackson's fanfiction shoved in the middle of The Hobbit where Tauriel is actually a reflection of himself.
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read the hobbit and the LOTR books and its appendices, there are no women needed in the hobbit story because it is a story of a journey. and yes Legolas doesnt need a love interest because he doesnt marry... Ever. He goes with Gimli to explore around after the elves have left for Valinor. Also JRR has a lot of females in his books that show breavery and courage.

There is Luthiel Tuniviel she fougnt for her mortal love Beren, then there is aragorn's mother, Eowyn, Galadriel, then there is arwen who went against her father's wishes to be with aragorn.. that takes courage.

So JRR wasnt Sexist. He understood that women could be brave as well... there are more of them all you have to do is read the appendices and the Simarillion... there are a lot of women in his stories that show courage.
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Her ONLY character trait is being super beautiful? I didn't find her pretty at all. I just assume Legolas likes her because they have some extensive past relationship and that she's a captain in their army. Not too sure I liked that she went to go heal that dwarf. That was a womanly thing to do, despite being very competent in battle. If Legolas healed the guy, that would be something else about sexism.

Because, you know, she's ginger.
Doesn't really bother me. Hobbit really had a very small cast of characters. And one could even argue that girls in middle earth where smart enough not to mess with dragons.

What annoys me is that they had to make her a girlfriend.
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representation matters
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They mention other women as well. For example the bit with Dis' rune that she gave Kili.
wher da white wimmen at?
Wait a moment? There was a female character in a movie? Didn't notice that.
Thorin and his warrior drarfes were so cool and hot that I didn't even care about the women lol

dat piece of hot ginger elf a**.
Dis Oakenshield
They mention other women as well. For example the bit with Dis' rune that she gave Kili.

Indeed, the Rune. *smirks* what a lovely thing to add. And there is Gloin's wife mentioned as well. Quite a lovely lady, too bad I couldn't eat her. On a side note, The Hobbit was originally made for children, I don't believe its sexist at all. He had no idea his books would become so famous, so had no foresight into how people would view his works in the future. He was also a linguist, his writing is very heavy and when he does write of women, they are strong, independent and very very noble. Do not speak of Tokien's works being sexist, nor is Jackson adding Tauriel sexist. Her character was made to not be amazingly beautiful, but beautiful none the less. It's her breed of elf that makes her different.

*slinks away back to my cave of gold*

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