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I didn't care and I am female. I don't see the point of throwing females into a movie just for the sake of having them, especially when the film is based of a book in which females are seldom seen.
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Coniglio Nero
I don't find it unconfortable at all especially if you think about the time it was written. Men where the ones who went to war during Tolkien's time and in other books like the Silmarillion there are planty of female chars (altough they see little action in it as well).
also the only reason we knew the name of the woman was because we had met her before in lord of the ring movies, other wise she wouldve been the none names beautiful woman described in the book.
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Hmmm....maybe some of the dwarves were girls and we just didn't know cause it's next to impossible to differentiate a dwarf woman from a dwarf man...?
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Atticus Gatsby
Yeah, I understand that Tolkein's time was a sexist one. But when creating a story in the 'high fantasy' genre (as Tolkein was), the author gets to include or exclude whatever he or she likes. Tolkein chose to include sexism. I guess I am asking: does the sexism of Tolkein's time excuse his shortsightedness when it came to female characters in his writing? And does the lack of female characters in his book excuse the lack of female characters in the film?
so saving private ryan is a sexest film? and the descent is a film sexist twoards men given that it is all female cast and the only male in the film dies a horrible death? ...it's not always about legalistic equality (means numerical equality: 2 Females for 2 Males)... rather we should accept the scenarios as representations of the time and just enjoy the traveling of thorin and company for what it was... a male company. If someone has issue... they need only write a book that it its feminine equal. To me though it seems pointless. An enjoyable book is an enjoyable book.
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now that you mention it the elf women really was the only female, or as we including the burorger's neighbours as well.
the hobbit was truly heart amazing smile
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It didn't really bother me to be honest and I am a woman.

I'd rather them have barely any female characters in the movie than to needlessly throw them in and just make the whole thing seem sexist and off.

I dunno, just my opinion.
But Galadriel is a BAMF so it's okay.
I honestly didn't notice there were no females besides Galadriel. And I'm a lesbian! XD
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from one woman to a girl, PIPE THE ******** DOWN. the absence of women in anything shouldn't make anyone uncomfortable and you just need to get over yourself. and the fact that she is described as the most beautiful should invoke positivity, not ignorance. get the ******** over yourself
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Yeah there aren't a lot of female characters in The Hobbit but the way they showed Galadriel, beauty and all, doesn't make him sexist. The way Tolkien portrays his female characters makes up for the lack of them in the Hobbit and LoTR. I find all of them as strong and valiant and highly respected. Even if they aren't showed fighting battles and all that jazz doesn't make him sexist. Besides there may be more fems in the next two movies of the trilogy you never know. No I was not uncomfortable. Galadriel was already established as a powerful ally in the first trilogy and there was some foreshadowing that she would be a powerful one later on in this one as well.
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not so sure about that, but i did love that the lady dwarfs had breads!
the men need something to hang on to.
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who the heck needs "girl-power" if we can have a treat of hot & cute & cool guys entertaining us for 3 hours?

pipe down & let the chicks that aren't wasting their time with feminism (abt something this trivial? hello~) to enjoy this movie~

it's unfortunately gonna be a treat with this movie *only* >v>
Peter Jackson felt the need to create a frickin' female elf warrior that never existed for the coming two.

i already hate them.. *sigh* i was expecting to like the whole trilogy, but apparently not gonna happen.
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As everyone else has said and agrees is an obvious nope, no ones bothered at all, adding in a female character to be PG is never a good idea. Its like adding an african american character to not be racist in turn would be more racist.

Peter Jackson has been very loyal to the books and we have all learned that not straying to far from the source material is always a beter direction than changing it.

Also its a fantasy story it would be un-realsitic for it to have modern perceptions as we all know that could never happen in an medevil society.
The post is very good.

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