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KILI!!! heart
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Bilbo of course, he's adorable. I swear Martin Freeman is made up of kittens and sugar.
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I loved Fili and Kili, they were realy cute!
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I loved Fili and Kili, they were realy cute!

Heh yes I'll admit they were cute smile
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Bilbo and gandalf
SMOG whee whee whee whee whee heart heart heart heart heart

also Fili and Kili

and Frodo (probably dosn't count though xp )

and Bilbo
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I think I'm obligated to say Kili... 'cause he was a surprisingly hot dwarf sweatdrop
But also Gandalf. Always save'n the day.
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The Brown Wizard!!! He was Awesome!! 4laugh
my favorite was Kili as well!
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Gollum/Smeagol, Bilbo (of course), Radagast the brown (because he's funny), aand gandalf.
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I just wanted to know who's your favorite character from the movie and why , if you have a particular reason . emotion_c8

As for me , my favorite was Kili emotion_kirakira emotion_awesome . He's a very hot , delightful and jolly dwarf emotion_kirakira emotion_awesome emotion_drool

I couldn't agree more. Other than Kili, Radagast the Brown.
Radagast, but I love them all :3
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The Durin's need to stop being so damn sexy. But besides them, Bofur. Bofur is THE BEST.
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Devoted Hunter

Kili and Bilbo! 

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