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Whatever W0rks
Whatever W0rks

I actually thought about reading that, how is it besides having so many names to remember? lol

It's absolutely amazing biggrin
Tolkien had a brilliant talent for descriptions and for imagining entire worlds, and it's really showcased in this book. The story starts with the creation of the universe; I'm not sure where it ends (haven't finished it yet smile ). It has all of the backstory, and it really puts everything into perspective. You see that The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are really just tiny pieces of the puzzle.

Also, if you have'nt read it yet, read The Children of Hurin. It's yet another piece to the massive puzzle that is Middle Earth smile
And it's kind of freaking amazing <3333

Awesome! I'll have to try that.
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totally caint wait for dec heart but y caint it be out now crying
I'm super excited!!! I've been wondering for so long when they were finally going to remake it! the cartoon version is so old lol
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..and now we get to see how it started oh god
Oh my god yes I cannot even explain how excited I am
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I can't wait, I do intend to be dressed as an elf even tho my friends don't seem to want to. They all seem over it, makes me sad. But its just after my B'day so I do plan on a middle earth party
So much ready. It comes out on my birthday! Cannot wait.
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I will be jizzing throughout the film
o 3o I can't wait.

<3 I keep re-reading the Hobbit in my anticipation.
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Im kind of ready. Im reading the book so Ill be able to nitpick the movie. If I still remember the details come December. :d
I am -really- looking forward to the Hobbit, mostly because Peter Jackson has made sure the dwarves are not all Gimli-clones, each one looks different and from the small little teasing clips we see do not all have phoney scottish accents! Should help to break the stereotypes of dwarves a bit. *Nod*
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All that is gold does not glitter,

I am so looking forward to seeing it! I really hope Peter Jackson is as successful with the Hobbit as he was with the Lord of the Rings. Also, I love your signature, haha.

Not all those who wander are lost.
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MORE than ready!!
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Lord of the Rings Sauron

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SAME!!! So excited for this movie its feels like december will never get here!!
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OMG yes please!

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