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The Hobbit 0.1244019138756 12.4% [ 26 ]
LOTR 0.23444976076555 23.4% [ 49 ]
Both are wonderful! 0.58373205741627 58.4% [ 122 ]
I hate 'em. Boo. 0.023923444976077 2.4% [ 5 ]
No craps are given! 0.033492822966507 3.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 209 ]
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I loved LOTR, both in book form and the movies. The Hobbit is my absolute FAVORITE book! I sadly haven't gotten to see the movie... yet! I'm hoping to see it this weekend with my sister, who also adores the original book. From what we've heard, it has most, if not all, of the things that happened in the book, and some other pieces, as well. I'm fine with them adding a few things as long as it doesn't mess with the story or replace an important scene in the book. But I agree with the gent on the top of page 3 when he says that the Hobbit and LOTR shouldn't be compared like that.
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Bump yum_puddi
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Btw everyone, as a thank you for participating, I will be tipping you! (If I haven't already.) heart

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I can't judge the Hobbit next to the LOTR until I've seen it in its entirety. I think its only fair now to compare the Hobbit to the Fellowship. I think both have their high points.
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The Hobbit is a a prelude to Lord of the Rings, and its author Tolkien was certainly brilliant for his words, "In a hole in the ground there once lived a Hobbit."

But I do wonder if this story, let alone the movies themselves is really suitable for children, afterall they were originally based on the authors own experiences in WW1.

I'm not sure if Tolkien would have wanted with todays computer adaptions to display any and every part of Bilbo's quest including the battle of five armies. Where has our sensitivity to a child's childhood unblemished gone? Do we really need to expose them to that kind of violence even in this time and age?

Anyways, that's just my thoughts on the subject you don't have to agree with them,

Merry Christmas.
It's all about the story for me, and while The Hobbit's story was nice, it was lacking the resonance and epicness of LOTR, as expected.
I love both of them. heart
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Books or movies?
i love lotr more for sure! but i wouldn't say it's fair to judge until the other hobbit movies come out. lotr progressively got better too so we'll just have to see.
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I feel like Lotr was a lot more serious and I understand that the hObbit was supposed to be funnier but it kinda made gandalf different from the actual LOTR. And how bilbo found the ring was contradicted in the hobbit from LOTR along with his looks.
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ninja their both amazin dramallama but I LOVE DRAGONS scream THE HOBBIT WAS GREAT scream BUT I CANT DESIDE!!!!!! scream
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I've only watched the LOTR movies from TV, missed the shows in the cinema.
But I saw The Hobbit in 3D so of course it looked "bigger" to me, but I'm keeping in mind that this is only the first movie of Hobbit, so who knows!

I think I like both movies equally, the characters, the world of LOTR... But I think without seeing LOTR I might not have paid attention to Hobbit. I know it's lame that I haven't read the books or anything, I know one "bigger fan" than me IRL, but I just simply enjoy the movies. And I think it's great that I can watch them and enjoy them without reading the book.
T3h Jinji
Well. I've a couple qualms about it. Understand that I haven't actually seen the new Hobbit yet. And my two qualms run with each other.

1. I like the Hobbit book. I'm usually much harsher with book-to-movie adaptions when I know the source material.
2.The LotR trilogy has three books, each much longer than the Hobbit by itself. Yet each of those gets only one movie, while the Hobbit gets 3?

Yeah, I know why they're doing it. Money. Fine, I get that. But between the two, there's a hell of a lot less excuse to skip details than ever before.

You do know that they left out alot of scenes that were supposed to be in each and every movie right? If you watched all of the extended versions it would add atleast 2-3 hours on top of the 3 movies.
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feed the mermaids
Did you enjoy The Hobbit more than LOTR? Less? Do you despise both or like them equally? Post your thoughts & feelings.


Personally I still love LOTR the most. I thought The Hobbit was good, but not as amazing as I'd hoped it would be.

I like both, but I don't want to judge them completely yet until I've seen all of The Hobbit. Until then they are equals. 4laugh

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