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The Hobbit 0.1244019138756 12.4% [ 26 ]
LOTR 0.23444976076555 23.4% [ 49 ]
Both are wonderful! 0.58373205741627 58.4% [ 122 ]
I hate 'em. Boo. 0.023923444976077 2.4% [ 5 ]
No craps are given! 0.033492822966507 3.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 209 ]
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Listen i know how some people like to judge movies but this time you really cant not only are the books written by the same author and they all tied in together the same director is doing these movies carrying on the legacy that the author started himself. and besides after these there i would not be surprised if they do the short stories or the Silmarillion which they are both also great peaces of work so lets not judge things individually but as they are book wise judge them a** a whole so have a good day
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T3h Jinji
Well. I've a couple qualms about it. Understand that I haven't actually seen the new Hobbit yet. And my two qualms run with each other.

1. I like the Hobbit book. I'm usually much harsher with book-to-movie adaptions when I know the source material.
2.The LotR trilogy has three books, each much longer than the Hobbit by itself. Yet each of those gets only one movie, while the Hobbit gets 3?

Yeah, I know why they're doing it. Money. Fine, I get that. But between the two, there's a hell of a lot less excuse to skip details than ever before.

I feel the same way! how will they make 3 GOOD movies from one tiny book? Tho' Tolkien's works are so intricately written there is some room to play...but 3! Still going to see it (actually can't wait!) But Smaug is who I'm curious to see smile
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ℜinny says: The Hobbit movie was better than all three LOTR movies and the story in general is better.
I kind of like the hobbit more, just because they put everything in it. LOTR skipped so many things, but it was still good.
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First of all, I want to scream at the top of my lungs that The Hobbit isn't a prequel! For it to be a prequel to the LOTRs, The Hobbit would have needed to be written after the LOTRs, which it wasn't. The Hobbit is the original story.

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, on to answering the real question. I prefer the LOTRs because it's a much darker and more serious story. I read all the books in order but just couldn't get into The Hobbit. The only reason I read it was because my brother loved it so much and "made me" read it. 3nodding I hated the singing and wound up just skipping over those parts.

To be fair, I haven't seen The Hobbit in theatres yet. My brother and I are going to see it the day after Christmas so I can't give my opinion on it yet. I hope it's good and I'm looking forward to it but I just can't grasp 3 movies made from that one book. eek We'll see.
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I'm enjoying reading all the comments! Keep them coming! yum_puddi

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I felt the Lord of the Rings was considerably flawed, to be honest. Not just the films, though they were more flawed than the books, but the books as well. While Fellowship was a genuinely great movie, I found Towers and Return to be... almost bad. They deviate so far from Frodo, Sam, and the ring that they're practically treated as a side-story, while the plot involving Aragorn and the wars was repetitive, out of place, and... boring. I like Aragorn, and I love Gimli, but their segments once they split up from the hobbits were easily the biggest drag of the entire series, and to think the second and third were actually named more after what Aragorn was doing than where the ring was going... eesh.

The Hobbit was one of the most interesting and captivating stories I have ever experienced, and the film captured everything wondrous, magical, and exciting about the book perfectly. It felt far more involved and intense than even Fellowship, while providing everything Fellowship had to offer. With the exception of my distaste for this version of Gollum (and the goofy 'ring flies in air and lands on finger bit'), I would have genuinely considered An Unexpected Journey to be a perfect film... and both of those flaws are also featured in the LotR trilogy.

So for film and books... the Hobbit completely obliterates LotR. Every LotR installment managed to bore me at least once (the latter two for roughly half the films), and each one of those was only based on one book. An Unexpected Journey was only a third of a book, and it wasn't remotely boring or dragged out for even a second, beginning to end.
I like LOTR better because it was less campy. I did like the Hobbit, but it's very hard to make a film deep and serious when they try to make it comedic. Now that flaw is inherent, so I forgive that. It is important to the story in the fact that this hobbit goes outside his land and realizes just how odd Middle Earth really is.
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              I love both to death, but I feel like The Hobbit has a more light tone than Lord of the Rings (book wise). Although I did enjoy the battles inside the Shire when Frodo and the other hobbits returned from their journey. I was actually disappointed that that part of the book was not part of the third movie. ALSO CREEPY a** TOM BOMBADIL WAS TAKEN OUT OF THE FIRST FILM. I kinda wanted to see him in the films tbh. :

              Because I have not seen all the Hobbit movies, I still have to say that Lord of the Rings is by far my favorite in films; however, the Hobbit book version is favored more than the trilogy only because something about it felt odd, not to mention I wanted to read more on Frodo and the rest of the hobbits~
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I personally loved LOTR and so far love the Hobbit, but I think I would choose LOTR because it came first in my life haha. Can't wait for the sequels!!!!
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I don't really think I want to compare these two.
I loved both books and movies.
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To tell the truth. I love them both :3

Bao Minh Li rolled 15 8-sided dice: 7, 8, 4, 4, 6, 8, 3, 7, 1, 6, 3, 1, 3, 7, 5 Total: 73 (15-120)

Both are equally AMAZING ~*-*~
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I enjoyed and love both the LotR movies and The Hobbit, but I prefer the LotR trilogy so far. The Hobbit was good fun, not to mention GORGEOUS, and I like where they're taking it! That being said I'd like to withhold my final judgment until I see all three of The Hobbit films. c: I have a few complaints here and there but it's mostly just nitpicking really. It can be a tad bit difficult not to do that when you've read the source material. Both have their flaws, but both are also very exciting and enjoyable in their own ways!
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