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Considering how captivating it was to me, I'd definitely have to say the scene where the dwarves are humming and singing Misty Mountains Cold.

Under that, I'd have to say... gosh, I'm not sure! I know the part where Bilbo and Gollum exchange riddles is another favorite, though.

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when the dwarfs were singing at the end of their meal in the hobbits house.

but all of it was awesome.
watching it 3d was pretty awesome, too.
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I like it all, actually (which is very rare)

It's nice that they put something else into the movies that it's not just the Hobbit book (which is children's story and isn't much for a movie :C ).

BUT the best part... I like the beginning when dwarves had a little gathering in Bilbo's house. xD
And I think it was pretty good ending for a trilogy. Nice.
Can't wait for Beorn!
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All of the scenes in Bag's End
Gollum scene
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my favorite part was the orc versus team on the side of the cliff!!!
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"and that's when I thought....here's one I could follow..."
when Frodo show up i was all like eek omg its Frodo eek yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love Frodo

my second fav part did not happpen yet but it will

when smog shows up and starts to talk
I loved when they sang the misty mountain
I liked it but It was too long. xp
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The riddles in the dark part was so incredibly well done, and so much better than what i imagined. I laughted and felt so sorry for gollum at the same time.

But "far over the misty mountains" gave me chills and tears at the same time. That song deserves all of the awards possible. Seriously.
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I loved the part where Radagast was being chased by the Orc's while he was on his Hare sled
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Radagast The Brown
"these are Rhosgobel rabbits, I'd like to see them try"
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