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I hate the cliffhanger ending though.

Why?? there is going to be 2 others movies.

yes they arent anywhere near where the book ends
oh good, cause I was pissed at the ending.
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Everything except the ending emotion_donotwant
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I felt that the whole movie was so-so, but my heart was racing when I learnt how Bilbo got the ring from Smeagol/Gollum! IMO that's the only scene that is worth watching again, unfortunately. Not counting watching Kili.

I did not read the books.
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The scene on Rivendel. razz i must admitt i love elves
Mountain Titans
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I love the dawrves breaking in on Bilbo because he kind of goes all WTF?! and i love the singing the Misty Mountain song in the beginning.

Then there is Rivendel home of Elrond I love that place.
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Oh gosh, I can only pick one?

Will, if I have to choose, I guess I'd choose the game of riddles between Bilbo and Gollum. That was always a favorite part of mine in the book, and it was just hilarious watching Gollum and Smeagol arguing with one another. XD
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After watching it the second time today,
I have to say the part in the end,
when Thorin hugged Bilbo.
It wasn't in the book,
but it was beautiful, I nearly wept.

I also loved the part when Bilbo jumps over Gollum.
Needless to say,
Bilbo's always been my favorite
of the five more-known hobbits we're introduced to.
I'm glad they didn't stray from the original story
as much as the previous trilogy did..
It was a torment to watch those,
so I was afraid they'd have butchered this story as well.
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when the dragon open his big eye emotion_0A0
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I loved the Unexpected Party scene, the Riddles in the Dark scene, and Bilbo's little speech about how the Dwarves don't have a home, and he will help them take it back, if he can.
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Tinûviel Nínim~*Tinûviel i eneth nín. Man eneth lín?*~

I don't have a favorite part as I loved the movie, but the
parts I liked a lot were the dwarfs singing Misty Mountain Cold around the fire
in Bilbo's home, Bilbo running from his home shouting that he was going on an
adventure, and when they told Radafast he couldnt our run the one creatures and
Radagast said other wise then proved it XD I laughed so hard :3..

★~*Gîl síla erin lû e-govaded vín*~★ ★~*Pedich i lam edhellen?*~★
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Favorite part was the Mountain Titans!
Eh..those weren't that incredible. But I'm more into the beauty aspect.
Mine was the Eagles. heart
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The dwarf's singing in bilbos house and definitely the riddle part with golum biggrin

watched it today ^^
all of them
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I loved it all, but I think my favorite parts were the beginning where the dwarves are singing Cold Mountain and when Bilbo attacks the orc at the end. 3nodding

Me too.....I loved the part where they did the dishes......it was just to cute.....I can't wait to see it again.....Richard Armitage as Thoren.....what's not to like....... whee

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