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Favorite dwarf from "The Hobbit"? Only allowed to add 10 options, sorry had to double up on some.

Thorin 0.27868852459016 27.9% [ 34 ]
Balin 0.040983606557377 4.1% [ 5 ]
Dwalin 0.040983606557377 4.1% [ 5 ]
Bifur 0.016393442622951 1.6% [ 2 ]
Bofur 0.10655737704918 10.7% [ 13 ]
Bombur 0.040983606557377 4.1% [ 5 ]
Fili or Kili 0.38524590163934 38.5% [ 47 ]
Oin or Gloin 0.016393442622951 1.6% [ 2 ]
Nori or Dori 0.024590163934426 2.5% [ 3 ]
Ori 0.049180327868852 4.9% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 122 ]
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Kili, Ori and Bofur! heart
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it's just so easy to love Kili, the scene where bofur (or someone) belches, oh god, kili's face when he laughs...oh

but the scene where Thorin stands up on the tree, and there's fire all over the place, and the white orc is looking fierce...oh yes.. I love that part
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        but no really i loved the musical scenes okay
Watched it, and loved it. 3nodding
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I saw The Hobbit three times, actually. I fell asleep the third time though uwu;; My favorite part was probably "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire". The badassery was unmatched, in my honest opinion. I pretty much lost it though, at the beginning when they sung "That's What Bilbo Baggins Hates" and they were all laughing at his face when he saw the dishes neatly stacked and you can hear one of them yell "look at his face!" (Pretty sure that was Kili haha)
I have not seen it. sad
Aw man I thought because of the way you wrote the tittle you were referring to the old VHS cartoon movie oh well.. Anyways! yeah I did too and it was a great movie! I loved the misty mountain song.
i saw it the day it came out, and it was too fantastic for words. o:
The movie was way to long. confused
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I loved The Hobbit when I saw it in 3D on the fifteenth of December. Can't wait for this December to see the second movie. When it comes out on DVD/Blueray, I hope that they come out with an extended version of The Hobbit. The movie alone is almost as long as the extended version of Lord of the Rings, but it didn't feel like it was almost an three hour long movie. I can tell you this, after reading the book, and watching the movie; the books is completely different than the movie.

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