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"Would you like me to describe it to you?

I loved how Bilbo was in this movie. I love sarcasm and he was very sarcastic.
"If it looses, we eats it whole, yes" "...Alright"
Gets me every time XD
I loved Gollum's character too, not so angry and sneaky, and the conversation he has with himself made me lol in the movie theatre.
I liked how they made Thranduil look. One hot elf king right there.
I'm not one for leaders but Thorin pulled at my heart strings. He's an egotistical jerk but is a softie too, which is a nice combo.

Or would you like me to find you a box?"
definitely kili..boy, do i wish i could get a finger in that pie dramallama
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the burgorer
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I am Kili
Kili, and Bofur are my favorites. 3nodding
Dude amazing cosplay!
Gollum/Smeagol. always. :3

but Bilbo as well, of course.
Link Leaf
I am Kili
Kili, and Bofur are my favorites. 3nodding
Dude amazing cosplay!

Thanks! biggrin
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Gandalf! That beard... heart
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gollum was my favorite character in the hobbit
Thorin because he was the leader and was the best! biggrin
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Bilbo, and not just because it's Martin Freeman being adorable again.
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Martin freeman did an awsome rendition of bilbo and kili is just.... jahsdkashd
But Gandalf is incredibly baddass in this movie.
I love the lady of Lorien (cate blanchette) she is just so pretty and mysterious and I've always loved the elves
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Thorin, Filli &Killi!
And Radagast! OMG! XD
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I loved the elves in the movie they are awesome heart heart heart heart heart
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I like Gollum.

Those big, expressive eyes.

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