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Just sayin.
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Your hair. Whats going on with it.
she looks 10
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emotion_kirakira heart emotion_kirakira
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I dont wanna ******** something that looks like I could be the teenage mother too.
Also your hair need holy water or something coz it is possessed!!!
those lips look liek they are good at blowjobs
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Your hair. Whats going on with it.

like, did you have a ******** fight with a hairdryer?
she looks 10
Your hair. Whats going on with it.

Let me tell you the full story about that. The whole time I was talking to Charlie I was just telling himself to prove himself. At least do SOMETHING. Hack my gaia account in the very least.
Then I would believe that he wasn't just talking out his a**, but you know what? He refused. He wouldn't do it. I practically begged him to prove he wasn't full of s**t and he wouldn't do anything other than message me on msn and use Cake-kun's ForceAdd to add me on gaia and spam my profile with comments.
Unlike him, I actually can back up what I say I do.
The only reason I made him a sign / thread was because he was annoying as ******** and I was tired of having my msn chat screen pop up every 15 seconds. It was pretty much the same thing as a baby crying at 4 in the morning. It's annoying as s**t and you don't want to get out of bed to feed it and you're thinking "Can't it wait a while?" but the baby just keeps whining and crying so you eventually think "Might as well feed it!"
So in effect, baby cries until baby gets what baby wants.
I needed to go out to see a movie. He wouldn't shut up. And all because I called him a nobody on gaia online.
I seriously believe he has some mental deficiencies and that's why he feels the need to act like this. Yes, yes, the pot calling the kettle black, but here's the thing...I ruin the lives of ***** and people who inflict some kind of damage upon other people. Charlie *claims* to do it because he's not popular on the internet.
He's such a "noob" (and I hate to use that term, but I don't know if there's a different term for it) when it comes to doing anything really...I even gave him some fake address claiming that it was where I lived and he didn't even care enough to verify that was my address.
He just went "DUHH OKAY!!!" and actually thought I would give him my address. He doesn't even know what state I'm in. Anyone who has known me on multiple sites has seen that I never use my actual information except for birthday & sometimes first name.
Right now my facebook says I live in Berlin, and I'm sure if Charlie had just met me today, he'd eat that s**t up like candy.
So after making his picture & thread, I continued to do what I always did. I put the pic in my sig for a while and kept on trolling, and eventually took the picture out "without his permission." He got pissed off and hey big surprise...he didn't do s**t. He has yet to do anything to anyone as far as I've seen. His little "group" of kids who wish they were Juneau has split up. His only real friend anymore is Alex Ryan and I honestly don't know what she sees in him.
It seems like this can't just be his "online persona" because he acts like this in real life too!
Funny thing though...this whole time I've been gathering information on Charlie and his family...and Alex Ryan helped me with that. She confirmed everything I needed to know.
She told me where he lives, she told me about his family members and people he goes to school with. My chat with her confirmed that all the information I had was right.
It's odd how people can be played so easily, isn't it?
Of course, I'm giving myself too much credit. I couldn't have done it all without the help of my darling Athena, and she'll be a big help to me if Charlie decides he wants to get a hernia over this post. He makes my anxiety skyrocket, I can't honestly believe people like that even exist...yeah, Juneau was cool but for the love of god if you're going to emulate her at least do it right...it's depressing. She wasn't a complete and total b***h and actually treated people with respect, an area Charlie seems to be severely lacking in. Same with intelligence I might add...you'd give him an abacus and he'd think it was a musical instrument.
SO now you know the story along with some other things, and I'll wish you a good day! smile
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I'll just say no.
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she's cute, and super young lookin'

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