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Tipsy Streaker

i looked up the number of sex offenders registered in my zip code
it's 20 which doesn't seem like a whole lot
until i realized that almost all of them live in my neighborhood

one lives right down the street emotion_awesome

remind me to never leave my house ever again ok

edit: omfg almost all of them are guilty of either "sexually battery" or "sexually exploiting/molestation of a child"

my neighborhood is full of sick ******** gonk
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Dedicated Dabbler

do you know them

does it say what they did
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Fashionable Phantom

when i was in middle school it was the same thing
never got raped
u can b labeled a sex offender just for small things like public urination when ur drunk in college
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I'll came chaperone you.
You can get a security team, and we drive around in a limo. It'll make you look cool and important.
can you tell what for? how many just peed in public?
i bet over half of them were put on that list when they were 18-20 for sexting a minor
i found out the other day that my neighbors lived next door to this dude that was molesting peoples kids here
like the guy was a higher ranking person in the air force
and posed as a babysitter
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Benevolent Citizen

My neighbor right across the street was one in my old neighborhood.

Every time he was out in the yard, I was watching him.
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Witty Humorist

well better pack up and move or never leave, ever.
that's scary until you think about the fact that you can get that for public urination or streaking or whatever
i'm one of them woodsy

i like girls with glasses

watch your back
Are they all blacks ??
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Tipsy Streaker

lady banned bush
i bet over half of them were put on that list when they were 18-20 for sexting a minor

the one on my street was put there for sexual abuse of the third degree
and then it gives a list of day cares and schools

best case scenario he ******** a teenager, worst case scenario he raped a kid gonk
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Big Star

thats weird, i thought there was a policy to keep sex offenders or any offenders the rights to privacy.

i guess freedom doesnt really run in america.

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