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This is a bit scary, her face frightens me and she looks hungry.[/size[
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Lul she's not even real.
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Women need a bit of body fat or else we don't get regular periods, we grow hair in weird places (it's the bodies' way of keeping warm), you can't conceive, along with the plethora of other health problems that arise from being too thin.

You can be perfectly healthy 20 kilos above your "healthy weight range" (< said in massive sarcasm quotes; ******** hate that s**t) whereas if you're 10 kilos below your "healthy weight range" you're likely facing all kinds of health problems.

Besides that, women look better with a little weight on them, little pot-bellies on women are cute 3nodding

Also, who wants to be a carbon copy?
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Never seen such a pathetic conglomeration of haters and jealousy in one thread.

She's not my type in the least but I'm not gonna sit here and kid myself thinking millions of people wouldn't smash her.
Damnit, I'm so close.
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lol no, curvy girls are better.
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Alyssa Autopsy
you know she only got that body from starving herself.

Well actually, not everyone who looks that thin starves. They just have a fast metabolism.
She got that body through a ton of plastic surgery.
it's either plastic surgery or starvation
either way, what's wrong with looking natural? she looks like a ******** barbie, i don't find that attractive
Nah, I'm hot.

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