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so i like went to like the like place and like it had like a bathroom

i mean im cool with free speech but when you intentionally
space out the actual substance of your words it just makes you look kind of
air brained.

i mean saying like here and there isn't so bad but
has anyone ever heard or encountered or know..or even are one of those people
who overly use the word "like"?

and im sure it's not like, like just a like californian like thing
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People did that a lot in middle school.
Maybe I'm in the wrong part of California.
Almost any 13-14 year old I've ever met uses 'like' too much. Early teenage girls.

I, like, went to this, like, place and, like, did this thing and, like, I had so much, like, fun!
lol I'm not going to lie I say like too much oh god
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I think you just lumped an entire state into the "valley girl" mentality.
or "hella"
i was born and raised in cali i miss it
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i used to say it a lot. sad
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I remember a really funny lady correct will.i.am about saying "like" on the graham norton show x3

I use it occasionally but I don't think I've ever met someone who used it way too often. I did have a teacher who would use okay as if it was a comma though xD
i think it's a stupid high school girl thing
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I think you just lumped an entire state into the "valley girl" mentality.

well i am a californian girl but i have noticed a lot of girls in california do the valley girl thing.

what the hell is a valley girl thing is it just an act? or a persona?

are they brainwashed?
ngl i say it a lot
the air quality is suffocating our brains
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i think it's a stupid high school girl thing

i think it's a young people thing

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