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///guys you're lucky
its not ******** fair
girls have a ******** v****a
so when when the girls horney but hes not. no sex
but when its the other way around
and hes horney and I'm not he can still ******** around.
I hate you men!
you with your penises!
if you know what I'm talking about at all
then you know my pain
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buy some toys
buy some toys

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I don't get it. Do you not have hands? How are you typing? sad
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buy some toys


Not my fault that the forces that rule decided you'd be born female. There are alternative ways to enjoy yourself...
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girls can ******** around too
do you find it difficult to make a guy hard or something?
i ******** my boyfriend whenever i want to, the plus side of dating someone with a libido as strong as mine haha
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well thats not nice when im riht here :T
Invest in a good vibrator. Your life will be forever changed~
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lol wtf are you even bitching about

            there's sex toys of all kinds.
            i have plenty.
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On the other hand most men do not have access to a v****a at any moment they please, but most women can say "want to ********?" to most any man and he'll be on it in a moment.

Certainly men do appear to have more control of the planet and are favored by most rules in most societies. This does not however make them "evil" or "worse" than women. Both men and women have their advantages and disadvantages. They are not equal and neither is necessarily superior.

With that rant on sexism out of the way, your pain seems to suggest you need more practice at masturbation. Most if not all medical doctors recommend masturbation for health reasons. I would recommend you follow their advice.
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Buy a sex toy and then everything will seem clear.

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