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for having sex on an airplane?
...my reasoning is mine and my own.
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id like to know as well
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If Admiralty law, there should be none.

Public indecency at the most.
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I can answer this from experience:

Was caught in the bathroom during flight and was initially lectured by the crew, didn't think it was going to be a big deal until they landed the plane and had security come in and take us away. We were pulled into different rooms for questioning, which consisted of "How was it bro??" with high fives
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i saw something on tv and they mentioned that... the one lady who works on the plane said they arent able to do anything about it. soooo i dont think theres any xD
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I watched an episode with "bones" about a man being killed on a plane, and as long as they solved the crime before they landed it was it was still an american crime. I guess it's similar. Electric chair.
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Well, as long as you're not blocking the pilot's view then it should be ok.....


Actually, it depends on the situation. If you and your significant other make it to the lavitory(bathroom) then on most airlines the flight crew can only politely tell you to retake your seats. If, however, you two are in the back of the plane with a blanket over the "playing field" then you could be asking for as much as a public lewdness charge, as others around you are being exposed(pardon the pun) to the action.

So if you want to roll the dice and take your chances....
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... I'm leaving this form...
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probably end up on no fly list for that airline
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You should do it and tell us what happens. redface
We can see, that all we need is to persecute well in know-law the one who instigated it. Can we have sex less?

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