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Okay here is a question, just curious I do not know about the rest of you but. Why did you choose the username you have? What made you register that name? Does it have any meaning or was it just a random choice?

As for me? The user name I have now is a family name in which only two people use the last name Yuki, and that is me and my rp brother which is Kia Yuki. And been using it ever since, but there is also a story behind it but that's on a personal website.
silent hill reference :3
Just thought it sounded cool, and my old one was banned anyway
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My usernames on most sites have always had to do with muses. I came up with this one 1) after watching Alice In Wonderland, whatwith its whole "almost Alice" deal, and 2) going through a little bit of an emo spell where I wanted to know why I was never really inspired or could inspire others.
I had like 4 of my old gaming screen names and then just realized that gaia isn't for fun, its just a forum.

I was Who are you to say which was a set your goals refence and now i'm violent femmes
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I love this drink. What else can I say.
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When i played WoW, I couldnt spell Casserole, i was like 11 or 12. Yea.. Made gaia soon after.
I love Martin Gore

female Gore = Gorette
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i missed out on a lot of my childhood....and marillion is awesome! xd
i chose my username to be obscure and badass

in either order of course
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I like Star Wars, and I was watching the SNL celebrity Jeopardy sketches at the time. Plus, I just thought it sounded cool.
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My real name (Christopher) is a derivative from my username.
To offend people.
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Original name when I was first starting on Gaia and a few of my own forums was an RP name, Plasma Tsukasa.

Current name is a DJing handle I hooked into when I was 16, based loosely off a series of RP characters and musical nicknames of the time. It's also "Swift Wolf" without the vowels, which to me seemed pretty badass at the time and to present.
because my tiny chat name is god, and im usually the oldest person there

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