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do these people piss you off too?

yes, shut the F*** up and play 1 100.0% [ 2 ]
no, I am one of these people 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
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Freakishly arrogant gamers. We all know one. The guy who's just convinced that his xbox skills came right out of god's p***s to bless the world of online gaming with his presence. These people annoy me. Why? Because freakishly arrogant anything is just obnoxious, but they all seem to be under the impression that acting like a prideful jackass just adds one more merit to their already impressive list of achievements. Just play the game. I don't want to hear your assessment of the rest of the people playing or your bullshit fish story about how your managed to kill the freaking pope in call of duty 4.
What prompted this annoyance you ask? I was playing Halo 3 today and someone on my team felt that he needed to break down his understanding of the skill levels of everyone in the pregame lobby as compared to his own. To which I responded " yeah it's a real inconvenience, but sometimes having a job, and relationships with people one has actually met before can really make it difficult to play unholy amounts of xbox whilst beating it in one's mother's basement." This person proceeded to say nothing while being ripped a new one in actual game play before quitting about 2/3 of the way through the match.

Annoying folks on the internet

Arrogant gamers

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I'm not sure I see the relevance, but this is adorable all the same.
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I'm not sure I see the relevance, but this is adorable all the same.

damn it your right I am sorry, here how about this.

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stare Maybe I'm just an angry person...cool

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