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dumb a**. Who gifts and then asks for it back?
agent stalker bear
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Fancy Bleu
agent stalker bear
my problen with the situation is if its his money what does it matter what he blows it on i mean if it turns out your preganant then yes adjust his spending but during that period of limbo he should be able to go wild with his speakers and videogames because he may not be able to afford them much longer
that makes no ******** sense. u should be prepared, not just wait until the last moment before going oh s**t we need to save up

u sound like ur just trying to be a c**t tbh
1st off if she is pregant it takes 9months to till the babys ready so they have plenty of time to save

god ur ******** stupid
not really idk how long it takes but for example

if it takes a month to find shes preganant then they have 8 months to get there s**t together and save also you should never spend all your money at once anyway so her boyfriend should have a stash of money hidden somewhere whether she knows about it or not that he can use to help pay for this childs expenses so a few video games and 1 set of speakers isnt exactly groundzero on there finaces doubt hes going to keep buying speakers if he already has a pair that works

i repeat...
god ur ******** stupid
you said you have a job just buy a new hard drive and give that one back
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A gift is a gift. Why doesn't he ask you for money back for all the times he took you out to dinner? Petrol costs if he drove you around?

Man, if I asked for every gift back then I'd have more smokes and booze than I would know what to do with =|

I had a girlfriend and we broke up and all I asked for was the money I loaned her that she still hadn't paid back. But that was a loan before we broke up. I didn't ask for any gifts back, she would have had nothing to her name if I did that =|

Keep the gift. If he regrets buying it for you then he'll learn to gift more carefully next time.
ITT: Strong white woman who dont need no man
******** that it's yours now
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i really hope you're pregnant
How big is the hard drive?
that's dumb. What a sore loser.
Fancy Bleu
dumb n***a

Semper fi

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