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I'll start by saying, if you're not going to read the entire first post, don't post at all. You're ugly, and the first post isn't nearly as long as quite a few others
Please be literate. Also, please do not quote the first post.

The SUBJECT of this topic is MENTALLY HANDICAPPED PEOPLE, or RETARDS. Not anything else! Please keep your post on-topic!

Mental retardation is a term for a pattern of persistently slow learning of basic motor and language skills h("milestones" wink during childhood, and a significantly below-normal global intellectual capacity as an adult. One common criterion for diagnosis of mental retardation is a tested intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70 or below. People with mental retardation may be described as having developmental disabilities, global developmental delay, or learning difficulties.

I DO understand that retards/homeless people are people. But, if they do not contribute to society, they should be destroyed. If they do contribute to society, okay, they're fine.

That is a vague description of a mentally handicapped person. A retard. Going by that description, mental retards are just eating our food, and drinking our water.

Over 10,000 people worldwide come into an automobile collision with a mentally retarded person, 'cos the retard does not know how to drive.
Injured/dead people, damaged car, gas wasted.
All because of retards.

If a person can work, despite their mental retardation, then I don't see the problem.

This is very true. If they can work, they're okay. I'm only targeting the mental retards that can not contribute anything to society.

For all of you Christians out there, God did NOT create us all equal.
There are smart people, stupid people, dark-skinned people, lightly-skinned people, tan people, and all sorts of people in between. Finally, at the end of the "list", there are retards.

They are taking up space, without contributing anything to society. Useless piles of screaming retarded matter that gets their OWN SPECIAL BUS to ride to school in.
Why do the retards get a special bus? The bus driver doesn't even get paid more. So why give the retards a special bus, when they can ride the normal bus, like the hard-working citizens of America! The retards did nothing to deserve their own special bus! And they get their own special servants to watch them all day, and push their wheelchairs around!
What have the retards done to thank us?

They're retarded.

I honestly agree with you. In the wild, a mentally retarded or physically retarded animal would get killed and eaten, or die. We are the ONLY species to specially take care of mentally retarded people, and honestly, I think it's a waste of resources and space. Homeless shelters could be built on the land our "special schools" are put. And honestly, why do they need a school if the most many of them get are low-income jobs?

Why do we need to waste these things on people who will never be a full contribution to society?

About 3% of the world is mentally handicapped. If we eliminated all of them, much less resources would be spent.

In my very educated opinion, retards should be executed on sight. They are eating all of our food, as mentioned above, and not contributing anything back. So, if we destroy them ASAP, I suspect world hunger and global warming, and many, many wars, will be prevented. 50 Years from now, if the retards are still alive, there are going to be wars over water!
Why would we want retards to live, so they can cause wars?
All they do is scream, eat, and poop!

The world is a cruel and unforgiving place. It is survival of the fittest, and retards are not fit. They must be killed.

I am very aware that they did not choose to be retarded, but in my opinion, they should be eliminated.

This concludes my theory.


1. Scope and Definitions from Nigel Turners HyperGUIDE to the Mental Health Act. Retrieved 28 June 2006.
2. MENCAP: Website of the UK’s leading learning disability charity. Retrieved 28 June 2006
3. "In Raising the World’s I.Q., the Secrets in the Salt", article by Donald G. McNeil, Jr., December 16, 2006, New York Times
4. "Malnutrition Is Cheating Its Survivors, and Africa’s Future" article in the New York Times by Michael Wines, December 28, 2006
5. Wikipedia’s mental retardation page

Note: a lot of people have been telling me that homeless people should be killed, as well. They should, this is true. But they are not the subject of this topic. Please refrain from posting about homeless people in this topic.

A few things I'm expecting people to say

You're a Nazi! Go back to Nazi Germany, Hitler!

I'm simply stating my opinion about why retards should be eliminated.
You have your opinion, too. But, if you're going to post why I'm wrong, at least explain your opinion. Also, Nazi Germany has been gone for a while, now.

Homeless people/morbidly obese/cripples/(any other) people should be killed, too!

Maybe they should. But the subject of this topic is mentally handicapped people, or "retards". Don't post anything off-topic.

Yeah, retards should be killed... Let's start with you (or something similar to that)

I'm not mentally retarded. Also, see quote #1.

They are contributing to society! They give other people jobs/get their own jobs!

I already said
If they can work, they're okay. I'm only targeting the mental retards that can not contribute anything to society.
And, they don't contribute to society by giving other people jobs. If you have to wait day and night on a retard, giving him/her special attention, just because it's a retard, then no. That's not a job. You're not contributing anything to society; only the retard. And the retard does nothing to deserve this kind of special attention.

You're not contributing anything to society, you fat, lazy moron!

I work in a butchery. I go to college. Working at a butchery isn't much, I know. But I'm still contributing to our small town, in a small way. A very small way. That, is what I mean by contributing to society. Quite a few retards do not contribute to society, as all they do is eat, drink, poop, pee, and sleep, among other things.

Retards bring their families together!

Any child brings their families together. Your point?

Children can't contribute to society, either, shouldn't we kill them?

Minors, or people under the age of 18 years old by U.S. standards, can not contribute to society. This IS correct, but once they are 18, they can. If a retard can not contribute to society after the age of 18, they should be eliminated.

Page written by Buthulu.
Credits go to Buthulu, and sources cited
This document is copyrighted under the penalty of faggotry, PM me before you use it, or you're gay
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Zuricy did it.

he was a douche.

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The Nazis did that to people, too.


As you said. Note that I'm not accusing you of Nazism...but I still disagree respectfully.
Oh, you say a trivial topic, and you back it up, instead of being like any other dumbass:

Reteard R ghey. Discuss.

Kudos to you. 3nodding
Oh, you say a trivial topic, and you back it up, instead of being like any other dumbass:

Reteard R ghey. Discuss.

Kudos to you. 3nodding

but rtrd R gey pzl discuz dat no spamm!
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What about ignorant people (i.e. Buthulu).
Mental people can eventually learn, but ignorant people stick with ideas that are just insanly moronic.

If we kill any group off, it should be them starting with Buthulu.


♫ Have you heard of my religion ♪


♪ Called the church of hot addiction ♫
People under the age of 18 don't contribute to society. Do we kill them?
WOW...this is the GD mon...nobody gives a flying f**k
eliminate retards like me?
People under the age of 18 don't contribute to society. Do we kill them?
♫ Have you heard of my religion ♪

No, but there's a chance they might when they grow older.
Retards don't.

♪ Called the church of hot addiction ♫
I disagree. I think that a lot of these people could live normal lives provided they get the proper help/therepy/education for their needs.

I have two nephews with special needs.

One is autistic. People wrongly assume that he is retarded, he is not. He's actually very smart, but is unable to speak. He has learned to communicate through text, however. Had it not been for the right therepy program, he might not be doing so well. Had his parents just left him in the public special needs class in school, he would have continued to be trapped in his head without any way of getting through to us.

The other how Downs Syndrome. People automaticly assume that he's not very smart because of that. Instead of giving up on him, his parents started his therepy with him just a few weeks after her was born. Now at the age of 3, he isn't behind in any way compared to "normal" kids. Actually he's ahead in a lot of ways....he's already reading at a 5th grade level and speaks Spanish.

They need extra help...that's all.

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