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Timid Gaian

3.Love to make friendships with girls more than guys (on the internet not in real).
4.I think I have weird psycho issues. mrgreen
5.I have nothing else to say XD
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Eloquent Sex Symbol

Im in a casual relationship, i like cats too much, i am a huge fan of a stupid webcomic, i like trashy pop music, and im an engineering major

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Destructive Mage

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1. I get a really thick hair on my left arm every month or so.
2. I have a small scar on my upper right eyelid from when my friend stabbed me in second grade.
3. People often tell me I'm very interesting and no one has ever met anyone like me before.
4. I am a Satanist.
5. Ponies! emotion_kirakira
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Sex Symbol

1 i really like reptiles and my fav animal is a tegu
2 i love to make art but rarely feel creative
3 i collect dead animals and their remnants (bones, small bodies, ect)
4 im up to 43 pairs of shoes
5 im very mentally ill
from my childhood to my early adolescence
i've experienced nothing but violence
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Golden Sage

1. i take lots of psychedelics to vaguely get closer to enlightenment.
2. i love to cook all the time, especially when im super baked.
3. riding my bike is a must, everyday.
4. video games, comic books, action figures, lame jokes; things i love.
5. today is better than yesterday.
I'm single.
Drink around 5L of Water per day.
Study Political Science and Criminology.
and I have a dog.
boo yah
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Dapper Darling

1. I want to become a Travel Nurse
2. I used to embalm and make the dead look pretty.
3. I'm German, Italian, Lithuanian and Native American (Sioux)
4. I could eat sushi everyday
5. I generally dislike children and will probably never get married.

Clearly I am a winner emotion_awesome
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Dangerous Lunatic


Sorry, I was never that interesting.
my name is ash
i am brown
I'm bisexual, single. I've had a short story, an article, and a poem published. I'm 18. I'm very well traveled, I've been all over America, Europe, and Canada. I was a DJ at my former college. I have met almost the entire cast of Archer, the 90's band Barenaked Ladies, and a bunch of dubbed anime voice over actors.
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OMG Sushi's Wife

I am 20,
I am a graphic designer,
Indie music,
I hate harry potter
and I am really allergic to cats and metal.
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Beloved Prophet

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im british
i love monster energy
i hava an addiction to scene/emo girls
i have never watched titanic
i dream of making a successful you-tube commentary channel
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Benevolent Citizen

Attending University w/ a full tuition scholarship
majoring in Pre-Physiology
Living by myself.
Bout to go pay my rent.

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