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l Want To Be Your Canary
l Want To Be Your Canary

I dislike a lot of bull terriers too but it's mostly because chavs breed them and sell them dirt cheap or just give them away in London, so every stupid and poor guy that didn't even make it through school let alone have the skills required to raise a decent pet has one.
That sounded a little ignorant, but it's true. Obviously unsuccessful people can raise pets, but in most cases over here, retards raising bull terriers doesn't work out very good.

You see a similar situation in regards to pit bulls over here. Most people who do not have the proper knowledge nor the proper motivation wind up with these puppies and just do not care for them. Any animal can become violent if not given the proper positive reinforcement, so pit bulls get a bad name when really it's bad owners. Too many people just get pets without realizing the time that the creature deserves to have devoted to its well being.
Pitbulls aren't as popular over here but the same type of clown buys them. The worst thing about it is that most of the young people over here that buy pitbulls do it for the novelty of having a pet that looks fierce or at least has a reputation for being dangerous, and that's completely true. I've met people that have said they're after a pitbull because they want a dog that shits the life out of people when they walk it. A dog hasn't really got a chance put with an owner like that.

I'm Charlie btw. Nice to meet you.

That's horrible, what a poor reason to want a dog. I wouldn't want to put up with that type of person either, can't blame the poor dog for turning out in such a way when that is the only attention they receive.

Riley, nice to meet you too.