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Which one?

PC 0.47727272727273 47.7% [ 21 ]
 0.52272727272727 52.3% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 44 ]
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I've always wanted a MAC.
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i moved from PC to Mac.
and i like my macbook more heart
I like MAC better, because I'm on one.
I have a mac, and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated at how little software & programs it can run.
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i moved from PC to Mac.
and i like my macbook more heart

I wanna Macbook. crying
PC thanks.
I hate Mac fags.
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I like PCs.

They don't remind me of the shittiest years of my life.
I don't mind either, but I prefer a Mac now only because I got very comfortable using mine. Everything just loads faster, you can do multiple things at one time, and it's very user friendly.
Mac. ******** viruses & security holes.
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The only good thing about macs are their moniters. Otherwise they were built for retards. I've had this PC for three years, with minimal problems, which can all be traced to new hardware.
you can't see smilies on macs ? wow. i want a mac book pro. i'mma be a graphic designer someday .
I have always used PC, even for laptop but now I am switching over to try a Mac Book Pro. This stupid HP Pavilion has faltered the last time.
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I have a PC desktop and a Macbook. They both annoy me to death sometimes.
Personally, I like Macs better
but they each have good points
Macs are more expensive, but you don't have to get anything else
PC's are cheaper, but you have to get all that security s**t

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