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so i woke up in the middle of the night
and my stomach was killing me .
like it seriously felt like someone was taking a knife to my internal organs.
it was horrible, i thought i was dying or eating myself or something.

so then i drank some water
and ate some bread, and it went away to a dull pain.

and i went back to bed, and woke up, and i was okay again.

UM, wtf was that?
i seriously thought i gonna die, though.

(and no GD, i'm not preggers, rofl)

-thinking that you're going to die.
-strange illnesses.

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I once almost drowned in my pool.


I really did almost die. FTL.
Hunger pains, I bet. surprised
rofl I HATE THAT rofl

I hate when you wake up in the middle of the night and your mouth is all dry and you feel like you're gunna suffocate unless you get a drink
Communism finds that unlikely that you were going to die. However, you have the right to believe what you wish.
Everyone's dying sweetheart.
I once almost drowned in my pool.


I really did almost die. FTL.

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well, that's kinda funny.
besides the fact of you almost actually dying, and stuff.
how did you manage that one?

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I dunno.

Reminds me of having panic attacks in my sleep.
If you havent eaten in a while that happens razz
I once had period cramps so bad I thought I was gonna die.

just random stomach pain nothing serious even though it feels like someone is dragging glass along your internal organs
i hate when i dream that i'm falling and so i wake up and i make this jerky movement like i just hit the floor or something. ...'cept i'm still on my bed. xD;;
I almost died when I was born.
I was a bit to early, and my face was
blue because I couldn't breathe...
thats about it though >>;
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Almost dying, FTW.User Image
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Everyone's dying sweetheart.

Slowly. surprised heart

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