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    there was like this big group of people who came in to talk about like
    and stuff
    and what relationships are good and what are bad

    someone decided to pose the question, "what's oral sex?"
    and like
    everyone died of laughter.
    today was a good day emotion_dowant

    discuss: oral sex
    retarded classmates
    and just any funny stories from school c:
13 yr old health classes damn
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Omg we had the sex ed guy and he kept telling us these lies. He said he had sex with a girl and she killed herself lol. I was like must have been bad sex. He said the best sex is married sex like we're all gonna wait till marriage. Also some bullshit story about two people rubbing their junk together wearing jeans and got a girl pregnant. So retarded
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i remember in year 6 (11 years old) we were having a sex education lesson. So we was all sat around this tv and started watching it. Now i was already known for being more childish then usual and i was always late for school and a basic little s**t, so my teacher purposely picked me out of everyone that was talking and there was quite a few people talking while the dvd was on. I basically had to take the walk of shame and walk right in front of the tv to get out the class room because she sent me out. Back then it was so embarrassing and i remember every one whispering and giggling like why the hell is she so weird giggling at everything. But now i just laugh at it, my teacher hated me and used to pick me out for everything, stupid cow. Hated year 6.
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13 yr old health classes damn

    amazin yupity yup yup
    it's so damn awkward

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