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Today my mom said "You have a facebook?? Why didn't you tell me?" Me, "Uhh.." Her, "Why don't you add me?". I'm a little concerned as to if I should add her.

Does anyone know how to make it so she can only see limited things? Please share.
delete it now
my mom got a facebook, but i never even use mine
all of my family has it, so i cant really post anything
delete it now

o-o I don't have any bad things..
it's just my friends can be innapropriate
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I have my mom on Fbook.
What could you possibly be afraid of?
It's not like you act differently around people you actually know.
i have all my family on my facebook.
oh s**t.
i posted n***s.
i bet they know!!!
delete her
for you wont have to worry
about what you say .__.
i wouldnt let my parents get it i would delete it
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Tell her it's your friend's and she/he/it wanted you do to something for them, because they didn't know how :/ Worth a try.

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My mom wants a Facebook.
I'm not exactly sure how to feel about it. ;P
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All my mom does on facebook is playing farmville, jesus i could post anything and she'd be too busy harvesting ur crops to notice.
usually if you don't have her on your friends,
you can keep her away from seeing certain things.
Then again, don't listen to me, I just started using it.
my mum has facebook, i felt bad not to add her so i added her and used privacy settings to make it so she could only see my activity and profile pictures sweatdrop
block her.
I'm friends with both my parents on facebook. And grandmother, uncles, cousins, sisters, etc.

Am I lame?
******** it.
I don't care.

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