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I wear slacks and a nice top. I always feel ridiculous so I'm glad I finally got a job.
Present yourself as you would trying to get a job you actually want. I had to borrow a nice shirt and dress pants from my mom when I went for my job interview for my current job. I've only had two interviews and got both jobs, so I guess presenting yourself good means something when getting a job. I also try to be really nice and kiss some a**.
When I get jobs it's because I actually want to work, I try my best to present myself well and talk as if I'm talking to my new boss lol.
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When I got an interview at kmart little over a year ago, I had been unemployed for 2+ years so I went a little overboard. I dressed like I would if I went to church and studied what one should say at interviews, questions to ask, and kind of kissed a**. But it worked. At the end of the interview they said once the background check cleared, I'd have a job.
There are things I don't like about the job but you can have crazy hair colors, facial piercings, and tattoos showing. In fact they just hired a guy who has tattoos up and down his arms and even on his knuckles.
Black slacks with a collared button up. However, polos are acceptable. Never wear jeans. Do not cuss. Explain to them how well you can do the job and explain how you're able to deal with the general public by bringing up previous work history. Let them know you're a fast learner and you know that to learn you have to listen and ask questions. Try and convince a stranger that you're not a dumbass and a smart hardworking individual more or less.
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i'm hopeless with interviews
i dress nice, smile a lot, but i can't answer half their questions.
especially "why do you want to work here?"
apparently "because i need money and nobody else will hire me" is not a good answer.
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Button-down, black pants, black socks, black shoes.

That's how I usually dress anyway. I pretend to be one of those laughing sycophants who really wants it and is naturally servile.
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I always dressed up for my job interviews. I was honest and acted ambitious and excited to work. 2/3 times I got hired on the spot.
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I just got a job at Banana Republic. I came into the interview wearing a vest that I sewed a bunch of patches on, the lady interviewing me saw a Joy Division patch on it and we pretty much just talked about Brit pop and 80's punk for 10 minutes then she told me I could come in next week and she'd have some papers for me to sign.
Absinthe and Ink

on my job app for Gamestop underneath Game Software Knowledge I put: "MLG PRO BRO!"

they didn't seem to appreciate it very much ._.
wake up put on clothes go to interview

if they don't like me i probably didn't want to work there anyway

current job i put several references to minecraft, portal, and other various games. i do a lot of gaia at that job
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look really smart, and sound impressive, but also just be yourself and be nice.
I was chatting away in mine and got the job haha.
Interviews these days tend to be about "competencies".
They want you to show you have skills. So you need to link in everything you've done in your life, and say how it's affected you and how you've got a certain skill from doing it.
Dress up casually, do not overdressed though,
Low heels or flats, little make up to none and smile alot.
Talk clearly, no mumbling, no swearing and pay attention to what the interviewer is saying.
Pretty basic.. whee
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i cover my tattoos, do natural or no make-up, and tend to wear business casual clothing
(or business-wear, if it's a higher level job)

flats or low heels, too

and i avoid swearing and focus on pronounciation, cause i mumble a lot
depends on the job.
mcdonalds i obviously didn't give a s**t.
same for subway.
and when i worked at ardenes, i dressed fashionably.
my current job was a phone interview so i wore my pjs. haha.

generally speaking though, relativley formal. or in the very least, look well dressed, well kept, and if you have any piercings, like me, take them out. leave that little tidbit as a surprise for your first shift.

I've been interviewing for jobs non-stop for the last week.
I had a job interview at Gamestop and didn't care at that point, and I probably said ******** more than three times, and I only dressed half way for a job interview. What in your opinion is good job interview policy? By job interview policy I mean how you dress? how you speak? how you overall present yourself?

my policies? I guess?

Dress: Like you work where you're applying
Speech: probably shouldn't drop "F" bombs
Overall: Meh

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