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I would have to know why, where he was, etc. It all depends on that.

My boyfriend used to be quite the ladies' man and cheating seems to run in his family and he acknowledges the possibility that it could happen but also uses it as a reason to not. He says he doesn't think he would unless he got really drunk at a party.

Good thing he doesn't party and doesn't often get really drunk.
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Drop 'em like a hot potato.
I wouldn't leave straight away. My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 and a half years and we're expecting a child soon. That's a lot to just throw away. I'd want to examine why it happened, what we could do to fix it, and how to prevent it in the future. I think cheating happens for a reason, especially in a relationship as long as ours and I would want to find that reason and fix it.

I'd be heartbroken of course, and it would be a long path to fixing it, but I would attempt to fix it before I just walked out the door.
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I would smack a ho and tell them to make me a sammich while I go cheat on them as I was already doing.
Oh did you want a real answer? I would leave them, make a sammich and play me some vidja games. Also known as go on with my life. Others do not determine how I live me life, so if they cheat then oh well. Goodbye and good riddance.
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I'd be heart broken~
There'd be at least, a lot of crying.

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Be devastated but leave them anyway.
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Is that what you want? You can go if you'd like nobodies going to stop you. Your choice.
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Drop him like a bad habit. talk2hand

But seriously, I'd leave him, as hard as that would be.
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Cut off his d**k.

And then dry it and then let his cat use it as a cat scratcher in front of his face.

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I'd happily leave them & never look back.
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he already knows i'd kick his a** to the curb. wahmbulance no redemption for a cheater in my eyes. not worth the effort when you can find better. i know some people out there DO forgive though for whatever reason. emotion_zombie
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d y z t o p i a

he already knows i'd kick his a** to the curb. wahmbulance no redemption for a cheater in my eyes. not worth the effort when you can find better. i know some people out there DO forgive though for whatever reason. emotion_zombie

I was cheated on by my boyfriend, I dumped him. Three years ago after 9 months, he cheated on me with his ex. He kept coming back to me, and I'd continually say no. He got with my best friend who helped me through it a few months after dumping him. They dated for 8 months, she'd tell me every day about their 'sex' and such. I'd see them together constantly at school. He'd always go back to the ex he cheated on me with- and cheat on my best friend with her. Then try coming back to me during their relationship. And now I'm with him again after another year, of him apologizing.
It's been nine months again. And let me tell you, I still cry and have trust issues in the back of my mind.
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I would be rather confused as my SO could have simply run dating the girl through me first, and it wouldn't have been cheating.
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I would wake up and be glad I gave up on human companionship so long ago.
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It's very difficult to "cheat" on me. To me, cheating is synonymous with lying, since I don't believe in sexually exclusive relationships to begin with. If you lie to me, not withhold information, but deliberately LIE TO ME, and it isn't to protect my well-being... you've betrayed me. I can forgive and move on, but it takes some time, and a lot of understanding.

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