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so if you found it what would you do

call the police 0.14814814814815 14.8% [ 4 ]
celebrate and smoke it 0.2962962962963 29.6% [ 8 ]
shut it down 0.074074074074074 7.4% [ 2 ]
i would start my own business 0.2962962962963 29.6% [ 8 ]
i would cry *happy tears* 0.18518518518519 18.5% [ 5 ]
i would cry *sad tears* 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 27 ]
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Would you keep it, call the police, burn it, celebrate, cry, be angry, etc?
turn around nd walk away
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Hilarious Lunatic

Keep n sell it
Bring as many stoners as I could
Then make them watch me destroy it all
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Shy Businesswoman

420 BLAZE IT f*****t
Painting Roses's avatar

IRL Fairy

go on with whatever I was doing
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take a picture as it's burning down
watch the burning hatred of adolescents who feel that they need to smoke to be cool
I have done this lol, in areas of Pakistan it grows naturally. It's not very good quality, which is part of the reason hash is more popular there, but to answer your question, I just kind of toured around and looked at the plants to try and see if I could see any familiar genetics.
Honestly, I would assume it was being taken care of by someone and I would probably leave it alone.
turn around nd walk away
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Sparkly Smoker

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Feline Grabber

Leave it and not care
maybe take some for my friends as a gift

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